Sunday Something Better Than Nothing

I started this Lisa Bongean project, Little Tulips, in her class in Cullman, Alabama last summer. I had not gotten far on it that day, so I pulled it out to take to Ellijay with me for the Silver Thimble Club retreat last weekend. This Friday, at our regular Thimble group meeting, I finally got the border on.
The tulips are wool applique and the 25 patch blocks are composed of 3/4" squares. It was fun to put together. I would like to have it quilted to show her at the Quilter's Expo here (Duluth, GA) next month.
I have not been sewing at home much.  I rearranged my sewing room over my holiday break from work.  After three weeks it seemed like an alien planet.  I had no new furniture, nor any new shelving.  Everything was put away, but I could not find a darn thing.  Today I rearranged it again.  I think I can sew in there again. I hope.
I SOOOO want one of these collapsible rolling carts from Costo.  I don't have a membership though, so they let me in the store a couple weeks ago to look around, but the carts were not in yet. One of my friends is going to help me out and pick it up for me. It is getting a bit much to carry my sewing stuff in and out of buildings, and this cart will help immensely.
Some of the ladies I sewed with Friday are working on some really beautiful things.
I love the bright vintage look of this fabric.
And these lovely batiks.
are going to make an outstanding log cabin from this pattern.
How exciting is that?
One more thing: DOWNTON ABBY is on tonight.  I must not forget like I did last week, since then I had to wait for the repeat broadcast on Thursday. I read in the morning newspaper this is the last episode of season 2, and they've not yet begun filming season 3.  What? Ugh! You have GOT to be kidding!  So how long are we going to have to wait to see more? Here is what I think: Mr Bates is going to get deeper into trouble and get shipped off (or escape) to America.  While here he will found a motel chain and father a deeply disturbed son who will keep his transvestite father's mummified body at home while he murders a certain young blonde women in one of the motel's showers.  Who knows what the writers will come up with?  I am sad over Lavinia's death though.  She was so lovely to look at; her costumes were gorgeous.


Cathy Pavlovich said…
I love the tulip quilt and the fabric photos are so pretty!
Libby said…
*rats* I was just at Costco this morning. Had I read your post before, I would have tried to pick up one of those carts for myself. It looks like a VERY valuable tool *s*
Gretchen said…
I just adore your little tulip quilt. It is wonderful:) Love your thoughts about next season's Downton Abbey LOL!! I guess poor sweet Anna would be "Mother" Bates oh my! Have a great week.
*karendianne. said…
I'm cracking up. I was all set to get my vibe going for commenting your beautiful Little Tulips but now I'm just stuck on your storyline. Thanks for the great post. *karendianne.
oldgreymare said…
here they also repeat right before the new broadcast...maybe you too? I am still catching up on last season!!! ARGH!!
"what big eyes..I mean, imagination you have my dear"
WoolenSails said…
Love your quilt, looks like the one in the new primitive quilt magazine, another project I want to make. That is going to be a beautiful quilt, I need to start going through my books and pick one out, still need one for my new bed.

O'Quilts said…
yup on my new charm pack:) and I like this quilt and did you see the Downton Abbey paperdolls ha ha..
Margaret said…
Little Tulips looks like a big winner to me. Look forward to seeing the result from the fair.
Kathie said…
oh that quilt is adorable! I should make one of those too! I love the border fabric you used, whose fabric is that????
I need one of those rolling carts too!
Nancy in MT said…
Love your little tulip quilt and the log cabin will be you. I really don't get the reply comment box, it's not like it goes out to the person who posted or does it. If not, do bloggers actually go back and reread comments. I'm horrid at just leaving comments, much less replying.
Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)