A short visit is better than none.

I got to spend a few days at my folks house in Missouri. Mom and I played with Brannock & Patek  Farmer's Market fabric.
We got a quilt top together, but I am going to hand applique the circles down, so it is not finished yet.
Quilts make a bed cozy.  I was totally spoiled with Dad bringing Mom and I breakfast in bed every morning.
Mom's hand-hooked rug at the base of the bed.
Hallway from Mom's room.
A wall in Mom's library.

I love Mom's hand hooked rugs.

And Dad's apple pie.  This was his best.  I don't know how he does it.  This one was beyond sublime.
On the way home from the Atlanta airport Saturday night I related to my husband how spoiled I was at (my other) home, and he added "oh yeah, there's nothing to eat at (our) home."


Kris said…
Oh you lucky girl...going home to Mom and Dad's to play, and then to have your Dad serve you breakfast in bed! Oh how i miss my father. Your Mom's quilts are just lovely. I love her style! Can't wait to see your quilt top! Sounded like a perfect time! Now you better go shop and fill that fridge!!!
oldgreymare said…
I remember those quilts in the hall.I made some of those patterns. I have clipping of your Mom and Jan's home somewhere. I mis quilting. Wonder if I returned to it, if I could remember all the tricks?
A friend just did the final piecing on a quilt top I have had lying around for years!!!! Why I never finished it I'll never know. well actually I do remember now. It was going to be a gift for a friend who betrayed me and we ended the friendship and I guess I just tucked it away.hmmmmm forgot about that..
my fridge is always empty and I can only blame ...me
glad you rested and had fun
Nancy in MT said…
Love the fabrics, looks like the start of a beautiful quilt. Wonderful pics of your parent's home, love the wall of small quilts and the hooked rugs. Hope Mum is doing well. Had to laugh at your frig, what in the world did your husband eat.
WoolenSails said…
I would be too tempted to stay, lol.
I could use someone to spoil me for a few days;)

SewDivaDiane said…
Your mom's rugs-and her quilts are to die for! (Not to mention your dad's pie). When I leave the house for a few days, I stock up, my husband eats nothing I prepare and then tells me he "managed to get by"-he and the dog hit Mickey D's.
By the way, guess what I found? Yes, the templates for the dresden hearts. I guess I should clean more often. But then I would have never met you or got to read your great blog!
Mary Jenkins said…
Lovely seeing your Mother's house with her super quilts - I am such a fan of hers! Wonderful to be spoiled by your dear parents!
Katie Paxton said…
I love the new Farmers Market fabric. I have a turn over of it.
Love how she gathered up all her small quilts and put them in the hall way.
I can almost taste your dad's pie. He is such a pro at it.
Breakfast in bed, I need to talk to Freddie. teehee, He really isn't doing much cooking, to hard on him to stand that long.
Libby said…
Thank you for the delight peak into your mom's home. What girl wouldn't love having breakfast in bed every day? And the apple pie . . . . I don't know how you managed to go home *s*
Rosa said…
Lovely Blog!! Did you mom design the rug at the foot of her bed and the Ladies and Hollyhocks rugs!?