Scrappy Nines, Baked Pears and Joey

I am having so much fun working on Scrappy Nines, especially when I am in the company of the Thimbles group.  I love seeing what everyone else is working on and sharing the holiday spirit.
Mercidene (fellow Thimble) has all her nine-patches stitched together for her Scrappy Nine quilt.  I am doing them as I go, but I sure wish I had them all done waiting form me to use.  I am not very good at assembly line production; it would sure make quilt top assembly much faster.
Saturday I made some baked pears.  The recipe is simple: pears (seeds removed), raisins, 2 almonds (each pear), a shake of cinnamon and a half inch of water in the bottom of the pan.  I used the foil bits to keep the pears upright.  Bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. The same recipe works for apples too.
Yummy and no guilt!
Joey has been in rare form.  It is difficult to get a shot of him, since he is seldom still.  Yesterday I was putting things in the attic; he followed me up there, and he was lost for a short period of time (seemed like an eternity).  I feared he'd fallen down a wall or something, but I kept calling him and he finally came to me.

A week ago Friday, when I was dropping off his birthday cake (happy 27 years Andy!), I mentioned to Andy that Joe jumps into the refrigerator every time I open it.  Every single time. Andy laughed and said that when Joey was a kitten he (Andy) used to put him in the fridge to keep him out of trouble. Wow. Really explains a lot.

And now Joey has learned to open the kitchen cabinets.  He runs through the house, grabs the cabinet doors and swings them open and runs off. We are "baby-proofing" with rubber bands. Seriously.
I love taking pictures of him, but his constant exploration and motion makes a good shot difficult.  I know my fancy-ass camera can capture motion, but I used my little point and shoot.  Here is what I got this morning:
Joe clearing out my clipped threads.
Joe wanting in the bookcase to rescue the "cats" trapped there.
Joe wanting to scatter Scrappy Nine parts stored in the box, but Kitten forbidding him.
She looks a little annoyed; doesn't she?
Someone told me that her kitten was uber explorative like Joe, and he never grew out of it.
Oh dear.


WoolenSails said…
Your scrappy nines are coming out beautifully, really nice fabric choices.
Nothing like a kitty who figures out how to open things, Dora was always opening cabinets, doors and anything else that was closed, she was too smart. Moki and izzy are jumpers, they like to climb and get on top of things, so kills any decorating with breakables.

SewDivaDiane said…
I LOVE Joey stories! When our kitty want my daughter to wake up, he would jump on her dresser and start swatting things off. It worked every time!
Monica said…
Hahahaha! One of mine has recently learned that if he jumps up and hangs onto the kitchen drawers they will open for him. For a while I was beginning to this I had ghosts.
lettielulu said…
The pears look so yummy! A couple of years ago for a dinner party I poached some pears and filled them with dates and gargonzola sp? cheese.
Our guests were duly impressed. But I just decided that I'm serving your recipe for Christmas dinner.
Thanks, Linda
Feeling Artsy said…
OMG! The pears look awesome. I'm going to "borrow" your recipe:)