Last of my Illinois pictures (promise)

I have a passionate love of all things glass and ceramic, and the Art Institute of Chicago is full of eye-candy.

Ornate and fussy, or simple and elegant.
In ceramic vases and in glass lamps.
Fancy cut glass and elegant brass.
This outdoor sculpture reminds me of the thread guides some quilters have (not me though).
After the Institute I headed to Union Station. I found the Station deceiving.
Looks like plenty of space, but the bowels of the building are crammed with hoards of ticket holding soon-to-be train travelers.  I rode the BNSF to Naperville. 
I had to walk a few blocks to the College campus. Charming, charming city/town.
This salt-box building was for sale.  Looks like a perfect home/business for a prim quilter/rug hooker.
Anyone interested in moving to Illinois?
The building below was an out-building on the property of a rather lovely home.  I was wondering if it was someone's studio.
This stone home was at the corner across the street from the train station. How lovely!
It was pretty hard to stay vegan while I was in Naperville until I found the Moe's restaurant.
I got my order to go and ate on a bench on the campus.
Ah, but it is good to be home again.


WoolenSails said…
I love that stone house, we do have a few of those in RI.