Can I get a stitch in?

These two have been on my wall for a while.  I finished the M.Bonanomi piece before I left for Chicago, but the L.Bongean piece above it is about two years old now. I am admiring my finished work.
And trying to get going on the Vintage 9-Patch.
Really, this should not take too much longer.  I just need to find the motivation.
On another note: while I was at The Art Institute of Chicago, I saw a sculpture I thought my Aunt Katie would like.
So I took a quick snapshot, and then got a close up of the sheep.
He is cute and curly. I am sorry I don't have more information on them.
I made sure to get a photo of these boxes from the primitive wing.  They come from Massachusetts and Rhode Island around 1650-1675. I would just love to open them to see the insides. Grandpa (who would have been 100 years old next month but died last summer) always told me "curiosity killed the cat." I was a smart mouth kid and replied "but satisfaction brought him back." As an adult I see the faulty reasoning behind that; after all, a cat might have 9 lives, but we don't. It was a fun exchange with Grandpa.


katie said…
Great finishes on your design wall.
Love the flag one, I love anything with a flag.
The sculpture is great. Need to hook one with curly cues all over it.
Wishing you could make the hook in in September at our community bldg. The Flock(the 11 who keep the shop going) are going to be singing and dancing to Baa,Baa,Baa, Baa,Baa were lambs.
Flash Mob. I tried to practice the song today and my CD is stuck in my computer wouldn't play or come out.
WoolenSails said…
Both are beautiful pieces, you should finish them and enjoy using them.
I see a lot of items in antique sales for items from RI, wish I had found them first;)

Cathy Pavlovich said…
Awesome blog, Karmen! Thanks for the link. I've become a follower and plan to visit often.
Cathy (from The Stitch Store)