It's in the 70s today!

The weather with weekend is stellar!  Yesterday I was at Macon State College for at tutoring conference, but during a break I was able to sit beside a lake and relax for a minute.  I was exhausted when I got home last night.  Today I hope to work on the fan quilt, and, if I get much done, I will report back at the end of the day.
This post is a collection of some of the shots I took when I went walk-about on the Forrest Hills property during the Spirited Quilter's retreat.
I thought this patch of moss was an amazing yellow-green.
A close up of the stump shows the blue of the moss growing on it.
And yet another bit of moss on a tree:
I looked up into the branches of the tree and marveled at it's height: 
And then down at the rail fence made of a felled tree:
Take time in your life to look around at the textures of life around you.
We should not be in such a hurry we put innocents at risk.
Should we?


WoolenSails said…
I could use some warm temps and nice walks, can't wait for our weather to catch up.

Beautiful pictures! I love the shot from the ground looking up into the tree.
katie said…
Great shots Karmen. I love the calico.