Monday, September 6, 2010

Wrap and package

I wrapped the baby quilts, and I showed hubby a picture, on Facebook, of the cousins I made the little quilts for.  His statement was "they aren't babies." Well, maybe they are getting close to a year old, but they are still babies to someone over 50.  Sheesh.
I finally put together a backing for the Tula Pink "Nest" quilt.
I put a vintage image of Grandpa Stockton feeding a baby chinchilla on the back.  
I have NO DARN IDEA how to quilt this one.  NONE.  I am waiting for it to speak to me.
I am patient.

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Susan said...

I'm sure the 1-yr-olds will enjoy the quilts just as much or maybe even more than they would if they were younger. I don't have any suggestions on how to quilt that quilt, but it is really beautiful!