Weekend update

I started cutting up some of Dad's old t-shirts yesterday.
I am not sure what I will do with them.  I was thinking of locker hooking, but the canvas I bought had too small holes for the 2 inch wide strips I cut.  I cannot seem to locate my crochet hook.  The nice wooden one Mom gave me; I know it is here somewhere.

The strips look nice all rolled up.
So onto some fabric I had torn into sections to layer and practice free motion on.
I'd wanted to make baby quilts for a new grandmother at work ever since her daughters had the little ones (a boy and a girl), but I hadn't gotten around to it, so it was a good opportunity for me to get on my machine and practice.
 Two little quilts for little cousins to play on.
Being my work, the quilts were not without their difficulties (and attendant flaws).  The main one was that I cut the red binding strips too narrow (1 1/2 inch was not enough), so I had to hand stitch the red binding down, but it took nearly forever to decorative stitch the blue binding down; not all that much time saved.
Kitten lies at my feet when I sew.  At least she changes position now and then.


WoolenSails said…
I have tried using my machines decorative stitches like that and it seems time consuming. Your quilts look wonderful though with the fabrics and borders.

Gretchen said…
You've had a busy fun weekend too! And we have today for more fun. I love Kitten's poses--she looks comfortable in an uncomfortable spot. Glad she is a constant sewing companion for you.
Kitten is silly! We found her "back to school" collar in my office closet. She must have gotten it stuck on something. So now she is wearing her orange for fall again. Karmen
AnnieO said…
Very cute quilts! I usually use a 3 step zigzag on my bindings which takes some time but not as much as some other fancy stitches. Nice work!