Who's spending time at YOUR animal shelter?

I discovered some adorable canine creatures at the Gwinnett County Animal Control shelter.
All trying to charm passers-by trying to get noticed and taken to a loving home.
Can you stand it?
I found this little boy roaming the street by my work.  He was obviously lost and trying to find a car that contained his owner. Notice he has a lovely collar on.  No tags though.  None. 
It was very hot out.  He came right to me and put his head in my hands.
I took him for a drive around some of the neighborhoods trying to locate someone who knew anything about where he belonged. No one could tell me anything about him.
So he and I went to McDonald's for cheeseburgers and cool water.
And then I took him to the pound.
I had to. My asthma kicked in.  Plus my husband said "no!" Plus we already have too many pets.
He (I call him "True") is very sweet and calm.  I hate what I did to him.  But when I saw him at the pound yesterday, I realized that he has food and water (though he is not eating), a clean, cool cage (as opposed to 100 degree heat and asphalt) and is safe from getting hit by a car. I just hope his owner looks for him there (and didn't dump him), or that someone kind will take him home.  He will love them forever.  You can see in his eyes he is true.


Becky said…
What a kind thing you did for this poor lost dog! I almost couldn't look at the photos of the other dogs. Hope that someone reading your blog goes to adopt these friends! My Rusty is a rescue. Have a fabulous weekend!
katie said…
Oh what a heart breaker.
Happy you have the big heart for animals that you have.
Hope he will be rescued.