(soft sculpture that sits by Mom's TV)
Some of you know my husband is in the hospital. He will be okay.  He may get to come home Monday.  I have not been sewing, but have been reading instead.  I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire and didn't think I wanted to start anything else that long, so picked up I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron.  That one went so quick I picked up The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and started it this morning.  I will leave you with some pictures:
(basket Mom has that I would like to pinch)
(Cross-stitch I think I did for Mom)
And finally, the corner of my miniature wedding ring quilt (it is about 8 x 10). 
Gotta get back to the hospital.  I did some yard work while I was letting the dogs out, and I got all sweaty, so I when I came in, I took my clothes off.  Once they come off, I am real slow at putting anything back on.  And hubby has called twice.  He says they put a REALLY big tray of food in front of him.  What?  Does that mean he expects spoon feeding again?  Seriously?  Maybe I should drop everything and run up there naked so he doesn't starve to death?  (That was an attempt at humor.)


Anonymous said…
I did not know your husband is in the hospital. Hope he is ok and gets to come home soon. I can't believe you did yard work in this terrible heat we have today. Your little quilt is so sweet and I love cross stitch samplers. I have a few books I need to start reading soon. We are getting thunder this afternoon ~ just maybe we'll get some rain. Take care and best wishes to your husband. I'm on a short blog break, but I'll still be visiting.
I hope your husband recovers quickly and is able to come home soon.

I still can't believe that tiny little quilt you made! That must have taken every ounce of patience you had.
Libby said…
Hope that Hubby's recovery is an easy one . . . remember to take care of yourself, too!
Becky said…
Karmen, Sorry to hear about your husband's health issues. How is he doing? Hope that he is able to go home tomorrow! It's so hard going back and forth to the hospital. Take care!
I hope he gets better soon Karmen!
I just finished Firefly Lane. Great read if you haven't already read it. My mom even liked it, now that is saying sumthin! :)
Hugs from yur MO Blog Bud