How not to use Heat N Bond

I had already cut out all the fabric hearts when I decided to switch from hand sewing them down to fusing, so I lay the hearts on top of a teflon-type ironing sheet and cut a piece of Heat N Bond to fit over the top.  After I pressed it with the hot iron I thought "what the hell are you doing?"
But it did come off the pressing paper.  The sticky stuff was all over the pressing sheet making it barely usable.  Sheesh.
I need MORE quilting classes and practice time.
As a way of illustrating  frustration with my poor quilting skills, I asked my husband how good a person would be at golf or basketball if they only got to practice once a week.  He asked me why do I want to play golf and basketball?  "No, no, no.  That's not what I meant.  Good grief.  Never mind."  I forget you cannot be cryptic when talking to a man.  At least not this man.

I had hand stitched the center.  That is me and my now deceased Grandmother Stockton in the center of the "I love you Grandpa" bed topper I mailed off this morning.
After I fused down the remaining hearts, I used my Bernina stitch regulator to go around the hearts in a type of raw edge appliqué.  Honestly, this little project made me feel like a flunky quilt maker.  I do not get along with the stitch regulator yet.  The more I want to stitch in a particular manner, the more it has a mind of its own. Again; I need more practice!
I quickly snapped this photo before I packaged it and  ran off to the post office.  I don't think it came out badly.  I so wanted to make a masterpiece for Grandpa, but God decided to let me know I still have a lot to learn.  The love is there at least.  And that is what matters most.

I got to have lunch with my eldest handsome son this week:
He delivered the shocking news that he and his wife think their new home may be haunted.  YIKES!
I don't know any easy Feng Shui cure for that!
And finally, here is the reason for my usually abbreviated correspondence:
Kitten likes to lie in my lap while I type.  Quite often she will stretch herself out onto the keyboard and press  multiple keys.  Needless to say that can cause the typist (me) problems.


Gretchen said…
I think Kitten wants to write her own posts! Oh my a haunted house! Hope the ghost is a friendly ghost.