Finally done with Samurai Squares

Kitten has been with this quilt every step of the way, so tonight, as I put the last stitches in the binding, she stayed right on it.  And I kept the lint brush handy.  I will take the quilt to Spirited Quilter's in Duluth Tuesday night for show and tell.  But for now I will let Kitten have it all to herself.
Mom sent this small quilt home with me.  I love the colors.  Kitten wasn't interested in it though.  It doesn't "match" with her.
I wish these flowers were in my yard.  They are all the way over in Alabama.  The pots are stacked up on rebar.  I thought that was one of the most cleaver ideas I'd ever seen.


WoolenSails said…
You know you have made a nice quilt when Kitten gives it her seal of approval;) Love the colors in the quilt your mom gave you.

oldgreymare said…
So funny! I saw this topsy turvy pot thing on another blog this week too!
I plan on making one this fall. Too hot here to plant now!

Been missing your posts the last weeks, so caught up in my own stuff, but I'm caught up now.

here kitty kitty, so cute....
Kathie said…
love the quilt, do we get to see a picture of the whole quilt now that its done???? oh that flower pot idea is amazing!
ok so whats rebar? I am missing something here!
I really love your Dad's airplane quilt every time I open up your blog and see that quilt it just makes me smile.
katie said…
Karmen I love the stacked pots, and I might just have a piece of rebar laying around my bottle bush someplace.
Love that cat.
Nicole said…
I found your post showing the Samurai Squares quilt top and love the colors you chose. That quilt was so much fun to make, I think I want to make it again!
TWhite said…
We bought one of those planter bars when we were in PA this spring. Very popular there. Now we just have to make the thing.