Daughters Who Don't Listen

I was talking to someone (Marie?) in Alabama who didn't know what gooseberries were and could not believe a BERRY could be green.  Here they are:
Dad and I collaborated on dinner the first night.  He made the grilled portobello mushrooms and I made boiled beets, beet greens with red onion and cabbage soup served over rice.
I was so excited about Mom and Jan's new line of fabric:
(part of the line shown)
I unrolled a jelly roll and started slicing.  Mom was trying to slow me down to get an idea what I wanted to do with it, but I WAS NOT LISTENING.  I just wanted to sew and make something.  I kept saying to myself "don't think.  SEW!"  Well, darn.  Thinking is not so overrated as I thought.  And design walls serve a really good purpose.  I don't like what I did with the beautiful fabric, and now I am going to "frog stitch" it (you know: rip-it, rip-it).  Only I will do so CAREFULLY so I can redo a more pleasing design which I will preview and THINK about before stitching together.  
Mom tried to rescue my efforts with borders and rick rack.
Mom mentioned when she doesn't like what she is working on, she folds it up and puts it away.  I figure maybe it is time to LISTEN.  Maybe she knows something about quilting?

We had visitors yesterday.  Debbie and Jackie (lovely lady who makes the wonderful placemats seen here) came over and brought their little baby Lily.
And Lily met Tasha.
Mom, Jackie and Debbie
They have been friends with mom for about 40 years.

I put away my "not listening; sewing" fiasco and went back to the Karen Stone's "Rattlesnake" quilt we have been working on together.  Previously I was attaching the outside of the melons to melons mother had already paper pieced, but now, with paper piecing skills from my mariner's compass class with Brenda Henning, I was able to piece the additional melon sections we need.  I have three more to do.
But that will wait.  Today we are driving to Warsaw, Missouri to see Grandpa Stockton.


You are home for a visit! Yay! So is there going to be gooseberry pie?
Brenda said…
Have a great time. Nothing like visiting home and family.