The fingernail-sized four patches are now where they will stay.  The next task is stitching them down.  I hope airline security will let me on board with a milliner's needle and thread snips.  I really want to work on this while I am relaxing in Kansas City.
I am trying to decide what fabric to use on the borders of the mariner's compass.  I don't have enough of the floral, so I will look for it at Harper's, if Mom and I have a chance to go there.  Here is what I'm thinking:
But I will leave it behind on the design wall.  I am not sure it gels or not.


WoolenSails said…
You really are making some beautiful and intricate designs.
I can't wait to see the new one stitched.

Deb said…
I don't think that you'll have any problems on the airlines. I think you can take those things especially is the thread snips are under a certain size. Check the regulations, but I think I got on board with all of that stuff last year without a bit of problem.

That is a beautiful design - just stunning.
Zlaty said…
That is a very pretty project! Is it fingernail small!? I did see the close up on your older posts! It's probably more adorable in person!

Happy sewing!