Scenes from Friday

Seen at Starbucks on Sugarloaf yesterday when I stopped to get coffee before my Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop road trip:

Cool, huh?  I made a game of guessing which coffee drinker belonged to the car, and I guessed correctly.  The owner was a WWII veteran decked out in ball cap and unit patches.  I didn't disturb him.  I am sure he gets a lot of folks inquiring about his car and his life experiences.  Anyhow he was gone shortly after I got my coffee.

Perhaps I scared him off with my attire:

My apologies to my mother.  When I was lost in Marietta on Thursday, I found a Syms store, and before I had a chance to ask the sales lady for directions, I spied these Burmudas.  Boots and Bermudas.  It sounded so right.  Plus these boots are so DANG comfortable.  And you need to be comfortable on Shop Hop.

So on to my road trip: I made it to 3 more shops for a total of 9 out of 11.  I am sorry to say I didn't make it to Jonesboro or Newnan.  Maybe next year.  I spent the most money (by $3.18) at Sweet Home Quilt Company, but the close second goes to A Scarlet Thread.  There is a three way tie for biggest volume of goods purchased.  I loaded up on sale fabrics (and miscellaneous other items) at Georgia Sewing and Quilting, Patrick's and Sweet Home Quilt Co.      I really don't need to see another quilt shop for a very long time.

HOWEVER, while at Silver Thimbles last night I heard tell of a shop I hadn't been to yet:  Dragonfly.  And why wasn't Betty Sue's Quilt Shop on the Hop yet?  Uh-oh.  I am in big trouble.  I think I need to seek OCD meds.


WoolenSails said…
I would be in sneakers if I was doing a hop;)
I hope we get to see the goodies you got.

katie said…
You are having way to much fun.
Go for it Karmen before you mind says "I want to" and your body says "I can't".
Make wonderful memories.
So much fun last night at Thimbles! Did you leave a machine cord? One was found at the table you were sitting at..

Dragonfly and Betty Sue's shops are outside the limits of the shop hop rules. It has to do with distance from the Perimeter.

I need to go to Dragonfly...maybe we can plan a play date and go together.