Vacation Day 2

My plan went out the window yesterday, but I had fun.  I started out for the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop two hours later than I'd wanted to, so I had time to appreciate the green March has to offer.  These are pictures taken outside my front door:  A star my Dad made-
Some pretty flowers from a past Mother's Day-
And a random bowling ball. Say what?
I was planning to make the bowling ball a beautiful yard ornament like this one: Beautiful Bowling Ball. So you see how far I got with that.

I made it to 6 of the 11 shops yesterday.  I got lost twice in the northwestern Atlanta provinces.  I am really scared about finding Little Quilts again when I take a workshop there next week. I saw samples from two other classes I MUST take, so I need to get a Garmon GPS.  Hey, hubby's 60th birthday is next week.  Do you think he'll pick up on the fact that I am gifting him something I need?
There was drama yesterday at Red Hen Fabrics involving police, fire and ambulance.  A police officer told me (when I was getting directions from him as to which way to turn exiting the parking lot) that there had been a couple of car accidents on the corner by the shop.  BE CAREFUL LADIES! Thank goodness, no one was hurt seriously.  
One other interesting thing from yesterday.  I saw a bundle of wet fabric in the dirt on the dumpster side of the building at Red Hen.  It was this quilt.  I am happy to report it was not a throw away, but a youngster's picnic blanket that had been forgotten.(You know how those little folks can be.)  It has now been returned to it's rightful owner.  I hope she washes it in really hot water.  There were a good number of crawly things on it.

This morning I am going to drive to McDonough to see A Scarlet Thread.  I keep hearing about this place, and I need to see it for myself.  My end goal though, is to make it to Thimbles.  Alas, are vacations ever long enough?


TWhite said…
Wow, you did great for a late start, I did 5 and started at 9 am. Today will be the last 6, up north I go. I use a Garmin get one it is worth it! Have a fun day!
WoolenSails said…
Sounds like a lot of craziness to hit the shops, lol.
We use a garmin now, much better than driving in circles for hours, lol.

katie said…
Sounds like you are having a great vacation. Have fun. Yes a Garmon GPS for a 60th is good. Even is it isn't your 60th.
Why would someone pitch that? I think it's pretty!