The borders are on, and the backing is cut and pieced.  I found some Asian-inspired fabric with the gold accents in my stash, so I am going to use it.  There were two pieces of 1/2 yard each, so I put them together to cover the back.  Not my cup-of-tea color or design wise, but a good little project to practice machine quilting on.
These are a few more things I picked up at A Scarlet Thread in McDonough.  I watched a chenille demonstration at the Expo last week, but I didn't buy any, so I picked this up off the discount table.  I want to give it a try.  Not sure what I'll apply it to yet.  AC didn't seem impressed by the process, but I think chenille is an adorable accent.  The roll of white stuff (on right) is supposed to be for the bottom of slippers, but I have in mind a non-slip cat box mat.  Quilt stores haven't started making those yet, but then again one-eyed cats fall under the cat-egory of "special needs," so there probably isn't great demand for cat box mats in the general population.

Night-night, ya'll.