I am getting somewhere on my Kratovil class Coffee Filter Fans wall hanging.  I may have the borders on by tonight.  Depends on how ambitious I feel.  Right now I am out of steam.
Kitten was lazing on the Renee Plains project I finished last summer.  Kitten got a new spring collar, so she is stylin'.
Kitten is listening to the thunder storm and thinking how lucky she is to be an inside cat in a house with homemade quilts on the beds.
I had forgotten it was our anniversary.  I keep a "cheat sheet" with our anniversary on it in the china cabinet.. Hubby went to the store for microwave popcorn. I bought a bottle of German wine yesterday, so I will "celebrate" with popcorn and wine. Whoopee! And back to sewing.  I have both my machines set up, so I can go back and forth.  Loving that.


katie said…
Happy Anniversary!!!!!
Becky said…
Happy Anniversary to you both! Popcorn and wine, Yum! Great seeing you on Thursday and Friday. Take care!
WoolenSails said…
Happy Anniversary!
Kitten looks so sweet with her new collar.

Liberty Star said…
Happy Anniversary Karmen! You are one of the most prolific stitchers I know - I LOVE seeing what you have finished or are stitching on. WOW and now you have two sewing machines set up. I might try that plan since I am soooooo easily distracted from one project to another! LOL xoxx, Renée
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your wine and popcorn. Kitten is so adorable. She's definitely a lucky cat.
Happy Anniversary, Karmen! Popcorn and wine...two of my favorite things...although maybe not in combination! :-)