New Button Roll

I was so excited to get these pictures posted so I could deliver this button roll to my co-worker. While the photos loaded I thought I'd double check that I used the correct initial for my co-worker's daughter. Okay, I need to backtrack a bit. A co-worker asked me to make her daughter, who is going away to college, a button roll. The proud mom said she had to put "Kalie's buttons in a baggie" for her to take them to school and she would love for me to make her a button roll. Well, I should have checked the initial sooner (like last week) because I remembered the daughter's name wrong. It is Halie, not Kalie. Looks like I have two button rolls now. And no delight in delivering it tomorrow. UGH!


WoolenSails said…
That sounds like something I would do. It is so frustrating to finish something and be all excited about delivering it, then you notice the mistake;)

NOOOOOO I'm so sad for you! Yipees. Having seen this button roll in person I know the work you put into it too.

Oh, no! How frustrating! The bright side is that you'll have a backup now. :) It's beautiful!
katie said…
I know some one whose name starts with a K

love Katie