One more Millie (#6 for me)

I have been messing around cleaning my office and trying to quilt, so I haven't gotten much done except for organizing. Oh, I remember how I have spent my weekend: Andy went to Texas for a family reunion (his Dad's side), so I cleaned his room. I found his W-2, so I am thinking he has yet to file his taxes. Also, Adam went out of town (camping with friends), so I am dog sitting Dubsley (aka The Big Brown Monster). My dogs are not thrilled with the visitor, so we have had to watch for skirmishes. Meanwhile Rescued Wren is doing fabulous, and not causing any trouble. I let her roam the house last night instead of closing her up in the bathroom. No problem! I have chosen the colors for my next Millie bite. I thought the kitty face would be a touch of whimsy to add to the quilt at the time we added Wren to our lives.


WoolenSails said…
I really love the purples in the flower, and the kitty is a perfect touch.
The quilt is going to be beautiful when it is all together.

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katie said…
Great. I love it I spotted the black first thing. Great whimsey. That is going to be such a beautiful quilt.

aunt katie