And Wren is Doing Well

Here is Wren without her cone-collar:


WoolenSails said…
Wren is looking so healthy now, her fur is really shining and soft.
She looks a lot like the kitty I lost.
Do you still have a home for her or did you fall in love with her;)

Hi Debbie,
Yes, I totally adore my cuddly, purring love-bug kitty, but I am still allergic, and with the pollen this spring...Ugh! My son says he is taking her when he moves out in about a month (not holding my breath).
katie said…
Oh Wren really does look pretty.

Aunt Katie
Lazy Gal Tonya said…
oh little teeny tiny sweetie girl. so glad your son rescued her. my two sweet girls were rescued from the garbage room of our apartment building.I'm sure she will give you a great deal of love!