Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thimbles Summer Stitch In

Yesterday ended my first attendance at the week long Stitch-In. Most of the women have been attending the Silver Thimble event for several years, but I was a virgin. I ran around doing errands in the mornings, so I didn't make it there most days until after noon, but since the sewing went on until 9:00 p.m., I got plenty of sewing time in.
At the Stitch-In I made it again only from a City Weekend layer cake I'd been saving. This will be a gift for someone who has become a very good friend during my husband's hospitalization and resulting death. (I want it to be a surprise.)
The quilt goes together easily, and I don't think you could go wrong no matter what layer cake you choose, or even if you cut your own 10" squares.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quilt by Credit Card

Okay, okay, I finally get what my quilting friends have known all these years: You quilt by credit card!
Leisa, the longarm quilter took 3 of my quilt tops, along with the backing fabrics I'd selected and turned the tops into beautiful quilts. I cannot wait to put the binding on and have them completely finished.
This first one is a bento box style quilt I started in a Jean Ann Wright workshop using a jelly roll and Jean's special ruler. Mom helped me select the border fabrics.
I cannot remember if I found the backing fabric at a garage sale or the local Goodwill store.
Next is a pattern and technique I learned in a Holice Turnbow class the same day as Jean Ann's class. This one is made of Moda's Brannock (Mom) & Patek fabric.
 Here is detail of the feathers Leisa quilted. I am thinking of binding it the black version of the border fabric. Yes, I said black. Just wait; you'll see. Unless, that is, Mom puts the kabosh on the idea.
 Mom sent me the delicious backing fabric (Minnick & Simpson).
The third quilt Leisa quilted for me shall remain unseen until the 5 year old recipient (or her mother) gets to see it.
I am off to the 4th day of quilt camp; I am working on another special gift quilt.
Happy Quilting Ya'll
(This is Georgia after all.)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilt Camp (Stitch-In) Supplies

A co-worker's wife sent me the bright blue hydrangea bloom (below). It is such an understanding gesture from one wife to another in the time of loss.
Balls of fabric and a rug being made of fabric strips.
One word: stress. It is not like the stress when he (my husband) was in the hospital. That was beyond stress; that was living in some alternate universe where things didn't make sense one moment to the next. This stress is from intermittant bouts with grief and anger.
Kitten, the one-eyed cat, snoozes while I type.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fabric to crochet

 I plan to make one of Mom's heart-shaped crocheted rugs, so I am following the patterns directions. I mean seriously! I made a crocheted rug before, but I never ironed  the strips I'd torn from 7 yards (14 total) of quilting fabric. The ball above took 5 hours.
 Now I am working on the light ball of fabric "yarn."
I bought a lovely "Sunshine" bouquet for brighten up the house. And, of course, wherever I am, there is Joe (on top of one of my crocheted rugs-the no iron type).

Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting Along (Alone)

 I spent this weekend working on another Amy Butler Reversible Sunday Sling. The two I made before I gave away; they were of heavier home dec fabric.
I like the design of this fabric, but I liked the other bags I made better. Nontheless, wherever I put it, Kitten finds it. She thinks it's cushy
See what I mean. I'll have to keep the lint roller handy.
I went back to work last Monday. I was completely overwhelmed by the support my co-workers and the students have given me. My desk was strewn with cards, flowers and a poster board with well wishes written on it were in my office, flowers and butterflies were all over my office windows and they threw a wonderful vegetarian potluck lunch.
They are a wonderful group of people to work with.
  I took a few minutes during the week to walk about the campus and capture some of my favorite plants. Above is from the lily pond by the parking lot.
This bloom was along the sidewalk on the 316 Highway side of the main building. I love the delicate withering of the bloom along with the colors from lightest lavender to burnt blue.
One of my favorite colors is green.
Green is so full of promise. It signals new life with all the promise of riotous blooms and turgid seed pods bursting with progeny.
When you inspect the plant closely, you will not likely find a single stem, leaf or bloom without blemish, but taken together the effect is great beauty.