Weekend of no fun at all

Saturday afternoon I pulled out some quilt blocks I started in a workshop back in 2008. I needed a little easy mindless stitching. 
 I have to drag myself back to the office in the morning. AND I didn't even get to have my super fun weekend. I need more sleep. I'd better remember to set the recorder for Downton Abbey. 
 I'll likely be asleep by the time it comes on.


WoolenSails said…
It is a shame you had to miss the Seminar, but you are right, your health is more important. I hope you feel better soon, think this is a bad year for all of us and illnesses.

O'Quilts said…
Good heavens, that is horrible. I did not know that diverticulitis could hurt like that. So sorry...feel better.
Oh, Karmen,that does not sound like my idea of a fun weekend either, but glad you had the good sense to take care of you and that you are better. Pain is not our friend! Good thing you have such excellent cat nurses. And I like your sewing project.
June said…
I've had problems with diverticulitis for many years...most of them undiagnosed!! The PA in the practice I go to finally prescribed Cipro and Flagl (it's the Flagl that tastes so bad!) and it usually helps within 24 hours! Bless her! Yes, the pain is almost as bad as childbirth, to me. Hope you feel better fast!! I can't tell you how many times I'd gone to the ER, only to be sent home 'cause they couldn't find "anything wrong". grrrrr!
Monica said…
Ouch! I'm sorry to hear you had to miss your class with Ricky Tims but hope you're feeling better.
Libby said…
Oh dear, I hope you are better soon. Sorry you had to miss the fun - but health really is more important.
Nancy in MT said…
My gosh Karem, I've had patients crying in pain from diverticulitis. Mother should have told you to stay home from work, for several days. Feel better soon. n
Anonymous said…
Hi Karmen

So sorry you missed your fun weekend with Rick Tims but you did the right thing. I hope you feel better quickly.

Isn't it the sweetest when the kitties sleep on their backs?!

Feel better

Gretchen said…
Sorry you missed your fun weekend but it was a good thing that you were able to get diagnosed & treatment for your health problems. How terrible to be in all that pain. Hope you are feeling better.