Up, Down, All Around

The Hexagon Hip Hop quilt with Brannock & Patek's Audra's Iris Garden  (Moda) is a finished quilt top.
I struggled with the fancy border, so it doesn't exactly match the pattern in Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott, but that's what quilters do: improvise!(I like it well enough for all the pouting I did about my mistakes.) I was having a snit-fit over sewing, unsewing and screwing up when Joey knocked over my "design wall" and ironing board. Inspiration hit me as I was cleaning up the mess: unstitch the ends of the remaining two borders and add more triangle units and recut the corner pieces. Fine!
The board Joey knocked over is a heavy duty ironing board I found at an estate sale. A young man carried it to the car for me and asked "does it work?" Well heck. I never thought an ironing board wouldn't work, but I answered I would find out when I got home. Driving away I thought why wait, so I pulled over into a cul-de-sac, pulled the board out of the car and set it up. Good deal; works fine. Wait. OMG, I can not fold it back up! I jiggled, felt around, turned it over, banged on it; I was about to have a panic attack thinking I would just have to leave it there in the middle of the cul-de-sac when whomp! Down it went, and I didn't even know what I'd done. (How freaking embarrassing.)
Here's Joey down on the floor on the quilt top seeing if I resolved the problems I was having; it passed his inspection.

Joey went up on the top shelf to snooze on the fusible stuff I need to cut for the bag.
Looks peaceful. I hate to wake him up and move him.
'Cause now he is down on my cutting table thinking he'll give a hand at cutting out. Some help he is, too. I had to put him out in the hall and close the door so I could work.
While I was working and moving things around in the sewing room, I discovered one of my Goodwill purchases will make a wonderful back to my Bento Box quilt. (I love when that happens!)
I got all the outer and inner parts of the bag cut when I noticed it was 2:45 a.m. I lose track of time when I play in my sewing room.
Joe knew it was time to go to bed. I found him down on the floor in the cat crate all curled up on an old quilt. (The cat crate was out because I took Kitten in to the vet to have her eye looked at; I was not sure if it was infected or not, but all is well. I certainly don't want to take chances with the only eye she has!)


oldgreymare said…
Your ironing board story sounds like something i would do! I always get myself in a pickle. I am so envious of how much sewing you accomplish. You living on energy drinks girl?
WoolenSails said…
That is funny, I have had boards like that, never wanted to go down.
Joey loves to help and be in the thick of things, they always seem to know where a clean and comfy piece of fabric or wool is, and always find a way to get up to it.

Kris said…
What fun! I am so missing my quilting time!!!
xo Kris
O'Quilts said…

Wow...you are certainly humming along with some fine quilting...I mean you and Joey are!
Oh, wow! The quilt is gorgeous, and the border makes it extra special. That looks really tricky. Love the fabrics, too. That's such a sweet line.
I love how your quilt turned out - it looks perfect to me. And certainly do enjoy the never-ending adventures with Joey! Glad I'm not the only one who does things like the ironing board. :)
Katie Paxton said…
Oh Karmen I can just see you with that ironing board. You have the same wonderful color sense as Lin. Oh by the way they have opened a Fabric Recycles in Lee's Summit I will forward you the email.
Love, love, love this quilt. Did you piece it by hand? Handwork is not the most popular way of piecing but I hand piece & hand quilt. I have that book & so want to do this now!