Triangle trial

I have been getting some help with my Triangle project. This project is from a workshop took from Holice Turnbow at the Georgia Quilt Show. I signed up for the class last minute, so I was glad to get a kit.
 Joey wants me to hurry up; I think he wants his exercise board a.k.a. design wall back so he can climb on it. I keep the doors of that room closed when I have a project on it so he doesn't tear it down.
I'm auditioning that blue piece as a border, but hubby thinks it needs mustard yellow for the border. I don't usually listen to a thing he says, but he may have a point on this one.
Meanwhile I'll see if I can avoid sewing my little helper's paw into the quilt.
He really is trying to help.
He needs to supervise; he just does. He makes the Triangles a Trial to finish.
I think that's what I'll call this quilt when it's done. Triangle Trial. I'll have to keep this quilt, since it's Joe's favorite.


WoolenSails said…
I can see he is one of those kind of kitties, lol.
I cannot do anything with mine, I have to lock the room and keep them out.

That is a pretty quilt, and I completely understand the supervising kitty. Chloe used to be that way, but it bores her now. There was a time when I could not leave a pin cushion out or I'd find the pins all over the floor. She just liked pulling them out. Cats! Got to love them.