Saturday, January 14, 2012

TV sewing

One thing I love about my job at the technical college is the diversity of students I get to meet and help.  The students who are originally from Africa are so kind, caring and generous.
One of those students gave me a package of this fabric.  It is very different from the cotton I am used to for quilting.  The package contained between 4 and 6 yards.  The fabric feels papery and is very shiny. I could see it would make a wonderful traditional African costume. But what would I do with it?
Yo-yo girlfriend!
(looks so different; doesn't it?)
I like the crispness the fabric gives the yo-yos.  I am putting them together with bright colors of embroidery floss.
Scooter (now 13 years old) likes when I am hand sewing (making yo-yos) in the bedroom.  It is cozy there and he can sleep.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A short visit is better than none.

I got to spend a few days at my folks house in Missouri. Mom and I played with Brannock & Patek  Farmer's Market fabric.
We got a quilt top together, but I am going to hand applique the circles down, so it is not finished yet.
Quilts make a bed cozy.  I was totally spoiled with Dad bringing Mom and I breakfast in bed every morning.
Mom's hand-hooked rug at the base of the bed.
Hallway from Mom's room.
A wall in Mom's library.

I love Mom's hand hooked rugs.

And Dad's apple pie.  This was his best.  I don't know how he does it.  This one was beyond sublime.
On the way home from the Atlanta airport Saturday night I related to my husband how spoiled I was at (my other) home, and he added "oh yeah, there's nothing to eat at (our) home."