Friday, September 16, 2011

Forward march

I am excited about 4 things:
Hats and Wool 
1) Biopsy was B-9 (BINGO).
There was something else, but it has slipped my mind.  TYPICAL!
This weekend is going to be run-aroundweekend.
Maybe that was it, but I think there was something else too.
I have to go to work this morning first, and then the weekend will be full blast run all around town.  Some time in the future I hope to get back to my sewing machine(s).
Mom says this is back from the quilter.  I don't remember what she chose for borders, but here is what we were considering at one point:
And here is one I want to finish.  
I also have those UFOs on my list to finish for Spirited Quilters.  Boy, I sure haven't been very focused on those.
I sent a quilt off to Ohio to travel with The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo folks. I confess, since this is the first time one of my quilts has been traveling without me, I had a touch of anxiety watching the FedEx guy taping the box shut and taking possession.  Remember, I drove my quilts 3 1/2 hours to the Alabama show.  I am kind of like an over-protective mother when it comes to something I've put so much work into.  
Benign.  Happy word of the day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patterns, etc

Mom asked me why I didn't blog about the bag I made while I was at her house in June.
This is Amy Butler's reversible sunday sling (in two sizes).  Mom and I had the idea of making two, but in 14 hours we completed one.
MINE (Mom's stash fabric).
I have not gone back to my heavy leather Brighton handbag since.  Even though this bag seems a little heavy, I don't really notice the weight.  Perhaps it is because it is all soft cottons.
This is usually the inside, but it could be the outside (I love reversible!).  I put the little bunny pin on the pocket where I keep my wallet (bunny-money; get it?). Otherwise I have to dig forever to find it.
The bag is so big you can stow a joey in there.
Though he might not stay for long.
I was asked about a pattern for the doll I wrote about a couple of posts ago.  Her pattern is by Lynda Hall of Primitive Pieces and is in the package called Play Date Bundle (scroll down on the page to see this pattern).
Have a great week, and I will see you on the other side.
(I hope my eyebrow biopsy turns out to be a non-issue!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Margaret goes on an adventure

Thanks to Margaret at Cosmos and Chrysanthemums this Margaret is ready to embrace her life.
She has packed her bag and is headed to Alaska to substitute teach math for 2 months.
She read about the job on the internet, and thinks it will be a great adventure. She had to load up on lots of food, since there are no grocery stores, or any other kind of shopping.
And since the sewing machine won't go on the small airplane that will deliver her to the fishing village, she is taking lots of hand sewing to do.
I would love to go with her.