Patterns, etc

Mom asked me why I didn't blog about the bag I made while I was at her house in June.
This is Amy Butler's reversible sunday sling (in two sizes).  Mom and I had the idea of making two, but in 14 hours we completed one.
MINE (Mom's stash fabric).
I have not gone back to my heavy leather Brighton handbag since.  Even though this bag seems a little heavy, I don't really notice the weight.  Perhaps it is because it is all soft cottons.
This is usually the inside, but it could be the outside (I love reversible!).  I put the little bunny pin on the pocket where I keep my wallet (bunny-money; get it?). Otherwise I have to dig forever to find it.
The bag is so big you can stow a joey in there.
Though he might not stay for long.
I was asked about a pattern for the doll I wrote about a couple of posts ago.  Her pattern is by Lynda Hall of Primitive Pieces and is in the package called Play Date Bundle (scroll down on the page to see this pattern).
Have a great week, and I will see you on the other side.
(I hope my eyebrow biopsy turns out to be a non-issue!)


carina said…
What a nice bag i love the paterns and the fabrics from amy butler greating from holland carina
Cathy Pavlovich said…
Lovely bag! I posted a couple of weeks ago on my blog about the bags I've made.
Looks like your kitty would rather be roaming! Mine wouldn't stand for it either.
I'm sure the biopsy will be ok. My husband just had a similar one. We had to wait two weeks to find out, but all is well.
Kelli said…
Beautiful bag! :) Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for the biopsy.
WoolenSails said…
Love your bag and meant to say I like your bear too, scrappy is better, gives him that vintage look. I hope your results come back negative and that will be the end of it.

jojo said…
will be thinking of your eyebrow! In all ways good of course, is that weird?
katie said…
Great cat tote.
Hope that eyebrow thing is a non issue also.
I just got one border on Robin's Sampler she did in your mom's class way back when.
Oh I love this bag! I"m kind of bummed it took you a whole day though to make. But I"ll probably try it anyway!