Workshop, yoyos and animals

Saturday I had fun with the Spirited Quilter's bunch and Pat Wys. Pat has a book out (pictured), and we worked on making the cover quilt.  I love it. Love, love, love it!
If you are a Silver Thimble Club (Pat Wys' club) member, you may have seen me working on un-sewing some yo-yos a friend of mine made.  I gave the fabric back to her, all ironed flat, along with a Clover yo-yo maker, and we had a little lesson. Now she makes perfect yo-yos every time and she made this lovely pillow (above).  Good work Sarah!
I had a doctor visit on Friday at which he pronounced my cowboy boots unfit apparel for my feet.  He wants me to wear only tennis shoes.  I bought "comfort shoes" to wear to work as I can't seem to wrap my mind around wearing tennis shoes all day unless I am on a tennis court. (but that's just me)
Joey is getting too big for my lap.  His cuddly baby kitty days are over.  He likes to explore and play out big adventures.
The boys (below) are getting old, so they just chill most of the time.
That's okay by Joey.


WoolenSails said…
All i wear, are sneakers.
I have dress shoes but only if I have to wear a dress, lol.
Joey has found perfect spot to be alone and enjoy the sun.

Jan S. said…
Love that pattern, too! Your pets are quite photogenic!
Oh no! No cowboy boots!! What is a gal to do.

I love the quilt. I have fabrics similar to those that I keep grouped together. I love how your blocks are coming together. Love the colors.
Libby said…
Sad news about the cowboy boots. I have always wanted a pair of my very own . . . . someday *s* In the meantime, your MaryJane's are pretty darned sweet!
oldgreymare said…
At home I wear only men's feet issues.. I even wear them up to the
Nancy in MT said…
I like your comfort shoes, wear slippers now around the house and boots in this Montana snow. Love the pics of Joey, why do cats love to be up high?
Gretchen said…
I would get a new doctor (HA!!!) but really you should probably listen to him. Love the start of your quilt--gorgeous fabrics. Joey is really getting big! Such a handsome guy
Brenda said…
Cowboy boots are always consider comfort shoes in my book.