Sunday Slow Time

And spent some time working on this quilt until my Joey fell asleep on it which made me have to change thread so I could zig-zag more karate belts together.
Kitten slept on the already-stitched belts.  I am still not sure what the belts will end up being, so I will put them away for now. 

Today is swimming and shopping day.  I may sneak off to church too. 


WoolenSails said…
Love your quilt, beautiful pattern and fabrics.
I was just thinking how nice the belts would be for a kitty bed, lol and wonder if they hold up to claws;)

oldgreymare said…
Enjoy your day <3
Cathy said…
Love your quilt. The cat is cool. Hugs
MickaĆ«la said…
I like your blog!
I ship the french magazine to Nancy, i sew you'll want one.
Do you want I send it ti you?
Good day from France!
Feeling Artsy said…
The quilt is gorgeous!