Good Trade

I gave Dad his airplane quilt. He gave me a gooseberry pie. Good trade in my book.
Mom is doing well.  She looks wonderful.  I am concerned she is not doing enough exercising that new knee; she is also supposed to be checking her blood sugar, but that is not something she is interested in at all. I motivate students all day long at work, but I am at a loss how to motivate my mother. Actually, I don't motivate anyone.  I take the little sparks of effort a student makes and fan them to flames. Students do all the work.  I guess I am somewhat of a bellows?
While I was in Missouri I spent some time in the sewing studio adding binding to the Rattlesnake quilt.  I heard tap, tap, tapping outdoors, so I went to investigate and found a companion. This little woodpecker was busy enlarging the "door" of the birdhouse.
My great-grandmother, Stella Mae Irvin, who, with her husband Frank, lived on a farm in central Missouri near Versailles, made this baby quilt when my mother was pregnant with me.  I love this little quilt.  None of the knots are buried.  It represents my great grandmother's fearlessness and determination in quilt making, and, most of all, her blind, steadfast love for her family.  
It is the most beautiful quilt in my life.


WoolenSails said…
That pie sure looks good, I can never make a crust like that.
Your baby quilt is beautiful, a real treasure.

terry said…
What a wonderful tribute to your grandma. Her spirit is alive and well in your quilt and keeping you warm with her love.

Anonymous said…
Karmen, glad to see you with there visiting with your Mom and Dad. What a treasure of a quilt. You sound like you know how to motivate. From Nancy, nurse, your Mom must exercise to keep her mobility and checking blood sugars is a must after all she's been thru.
Nancy in MT
Feeling Artsy said…
Moms don't like to take advice from daughters when it comes to exercise. I learnt that the hard when my mom broke her leg.
I love the baby quilt!
O'Quilts said…
Great post...I love the airplane quilt and the little one patch. I also love the idea that another daughter dares to assume that an independent mother will listen..ha ha..That certainly doesn't happen here.
oldgreymare said…
What a sweet post, spanning the generations.
Love your baby quilt - how special! mom doesn't listen to me either. Blood sugar?! Who says I can't have dessert after every meal!?
katie said…
Love the quilt you made your dad, I bet he loved it also.
Of course his pies are the best, he really knows how to make them.
Love the quilt from MOM they are treasures.
Good luck with my sister, you know I was never in a place to tell her anything. But that is her way of dealing with things that probably frighten her. I Love her anyway.
Libby said…
When it comes to taking advice, it seems that mothers never view us as any more competent than our five-year old selves *lol* Good to hear that she is recovering well and that you had a nice visit.
I am just in love with your quilt! Quilts need not be fancy or perfect - just stitched with an abundance of love . . . . that's what makes them warm!
Margaret said…
Exchanging views and memories begins a family . How blessed we are to be able to share with others and brimng them into our family . Loved the post from the pie to the quilt , so much love in this post.
Kelli said…
What a sweet story to go with the baby quilt. Glad your mom is doing well, and ever since I found your blog, I have admired that airplane quilt! Soo great! Congrats on the finish! :o)
Brenda said…
I've never tried gooseberries, but that pie sure does look good. Glad you mom is doing well.