Chicago Walk-About

Last Saturday I flew to Chicago.  I struck out on my lonesome.  At the airport I spotted the directions to the "orange line" and headed to the train.  After one (45 minute) circle around the city, I walked back up the ramp to the gate attendant and leaned through and asked "may I have a map please?  I didn't know at which stop to get off." So around the city again (this time I made friends of three little boys ages 6, 5 and 2). They were so cute jumping up waving so I could see them as the train pulled away. One older woman took me under her wing and discussed with the train operator what stop I should take.  Finally I found myself on the street walking toward the Art Institute and then along Michigan Avenue.  
I detoured through the park area to see the famous Buckingham fountain (top photo) and some of the gardens.  I stayed at the Hilton and was able to view the fireworks over Navy Pier from my room.
Many famous people have stayed at the Hilton on Michigan Avenue. It is the most beautiful hotel I've ever been in.
I took quite a few photos of the grand ballroom.
Beauty all around
Can you imagine an event here?
Sitting in the balcony watching people dance?
The outer gallery.
Staircase at the end of the gallery.
Detail of the carpet.

Ceiling of the inner gallery.
Kitten stayed home and waited for me.


WoolenSails said…
Wonderful photo of you at the fountain. What a gorgeous hotel, looks like you had a fun trip.

jojo said…
you just few to Chicago and hung out all by Don't know if I could ever do that...glad you had a good time. Pics are beautiful, I can just imagine how lush it was in person.
Lynn Dykstra said…
I love how others see our city. Did you see the spider silk weaving at the art institute? I plan to see it this week.
Come back to Chicago soon!