Walk About at St Bernard's Abbey

Before I left Cullman and the St. Bernard's Abbey property, I did a little camera walk-about.
It is so peaceful here.
With so many lush green trees. I don't know what type this one is, but it has baby pine cones.
Itty-bitty pinecones.
And then I saw horses.
Love this little one.
Sorry, I took a lot of photos and couldn't pick just one or two. 

 It was such a beautiful day.
The light was all dapply.
And this old house, now storage facility, has captured my heart. 
I always wonder what's at the end of this lane.
More beauty.
And quilts.
Irish chain quilt shown in the QSAI 2011 show.
I am going to Kansas City tomorrow to visit Mom and Dad.  Oh yeah, and also to participate in Primitives of the Midwest.
(can't wait!)


katie said…
Wow Karmen that looked like a beautiful place to visit.
Have a good time in K.C.
WoolenSails said…
That looks like the perfect place for a retreat and some peace.
Have fun on the rest of your trip.