Friday Evening at Thimbles

Pat Wys is the heart of Silver Thimble Quilt Club.
This is not her quilt (though I'm sure she would run off with it if there were not so many witnesses in the room); we let her hold it because her shirt matched.  Pat's book, a Martingale publication, will be out soon.   Can't wait! Can't wait!  I feel like a kid with "are we there yet" anticipation.

Even though I got to Thimbles really late in evening, I got to see some amazing work by the other women.  Karin (Life in the Slow Lane) has been working on a quilt using Lilac Hill (Brannock & Patek).  I was blown away by how beautiful it is.  When he saw the picture my husband loved the quilt.  And I have to tell you, quilts are not his thing (tragic but true!). I can't wait for Mom to see it.  I'll call her as soon as I get this posted.
See? See what I mean?  Gorgeous.
I hate to post a picture when I don't have information to credit the quilt-maker, but I love the neutral colors in this pine tree quilt. The background fabric is delicious.
And this is one of Sarah's (previously wrongly credited-I am so sorry) works in progress.  Obviously she does amazing paper piecing! The pattern is by Karen K. Stone
Mom and I had just finished piecing another Stone pattern called "Rattlesnake."
I think it is time I participate in a Silver Thimble project.  This one (below), using that "Twister" tool or technique (what ever; it is "need to know" for me; I'll know when I need to know).
I may not do batiks.  The group is going to exchange fabrics, and I signed up for the traditional group.  If I find I have more batiks in my stash than I thought, I may add batik to my cutting task list.  The exchange calls for 40 ten inch squares (like a layer cake).
For today I have 3 more hexagons to sew together for my One Block Wonder (makes 110), so I may just start sewing strips together.  Who knows? 


WoolenSails said…
Lots of wonderful quilts. I need to cut up some more hexagons and get back to that project. I work a bit a time, so hopefully I can finish it before next Christmas.

katie said…
Lots of pretty quilts.