Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's a Giveaway: Kittens!

The little kittens, introduced here:  (click to see original kitten post), are now ready for homes of their own.
This one is known as "Chris"
This sweet baby is "Cow"

And this gorgeous girl is "Sylvia"
They currently reside at a home near Bunten Park in Duluth, GA and will probably make a surprise appearance at Spirited Quilter's meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 31). I do hope someone will love these little sweethearts as much as their foster family has. They were lucky they didn't have to make their own way in the woods near the busy street in this horrible heat.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I got up early this morning because I wanted to get things ready for the kids to come over to see their Grandpa.  I fed the cat, changed her box, fed the dogs, and, at 6 a.m. stepped outside to take a walk.  There was a van parked in my driveway.  My Dad's van. He couldn't sleep well at the motel, so he came on to my house.  I have NO idea how he managed to find the house.  But he did.  Do you think Scooter-dog was excited to have company?

Dad and I walked around the block together, we got my hubby out of bed, enjoyed a little coffee, unloaded the van, and by 8:00 a.m he was gone.

A little disappointed here that the boys won't get to see him, but I understand his desire to get back home and avoid as much traffic as possible by driving through Atlanta and St. Louis on a Sunday.
He brought this picture down from Uncle Benny's house in Warsaw, Missouri along with my Grandmother's dresser.  I received instruction from Ben on where the portrait of my Grandfather goes.  I am happy to have it exactly where my Grandmother kept it.
The dresser looks lovely against the plantation pink walls of the guest bedroom. Now if I could just find a guest that would stay long enough to sleep here!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Your Dad just left for your house," said Mom this morning.  "He WHAT?" was my reply.  Dad hasn't been here for more than five years.  He decided he was going to drive down and bring the piece furniture that was left to me by my Grandparents.  And he is coming alone.  In the car. Minimum 15 hours.

I had morning plans for a pedicure and trip to the beauty salon, so after that I had to get all my sewing chaos out of the guest room. It was a serious mess.  I moved the ironing board out, my desk, boxes and stacks of fabric; all had to be moved back into my sewing room, but I made room for a person to sleep in the guest room.

I had more than a dozen quilts laid out on the bed, so they got folded over and stacked onto the quilt rack.  How many quilts can a quilt rack hold, do you suppose?

Let's just say "several."

I think the bed looks pretty good.  
Kitten is helping me watch for Dad's car.
I made sure some of my old needlework was up where Dad could see it.
This sampler used to hang at Mom and Dad's house, but when Mom was done displaying it, I brought it back to be with me.  I had enjoyed making it.
And this I made when the kids were young and we lived in the blue house in Suwanee.
Kitten just hung around watching me clean all afternoon.
Dad had made the smart choice to spend the night in Chattanooga, so I am going to get rested up to see him tomorrow.  Eron will come by, but I need to call the other boys to see if I can round them up for dinner.
Good times.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Update

This WAS my dog Scooter.
This IS my dog Scooter:
After 12 years of monthly grooms, near nightly comb outs, and being bitten a couple of times, I had enough.  After 10 days of Maltese long-coat neglect while I was busy going to the hospital, little Scooter was a matted mess.  My groomer, Claire, thought he didn't look too bad, but when she started to work on him, she called me back and said it was worse than she thought.  I told her not to waste too much time; just pick a plan and go with it.  My husband was the one to pick Scooter-dog up afterwards.  I think the shock was too much; he brought Scooter to my office and stood in the doorway with tears in his eyes saying "this is not my dog."  It was really sad.
But I have to tell you:  I love the dog; not the hair.  Combing him always ended up giving me allergy attacks, and we always had white dog hairs everywhere.  My Dyson "animal hair" vacuum is shot from the hair winding around the rollers.  I am getting little Rocky done this Friday.  We are not going to have Rosebud cut because her little overweight self would be confused with a pot-bellied pig without her long hair.  Besides, she has great hair and doesn't mind being brushed.

I finally got to Thimbles.  I'd missed two months of meetings, so it was wonderful to see the ladies and their projects.  I love seeing Pat, Becky,  Gretchen, Karen, Brenda, SusanKristie, Suzanne, BJ, Elly,  Mercidene, Sarah, Theresa (note: allergic to sunflower seeds), and my table mate Vickie. We had Mary Ellen from Little Quilts as visitor.  She is just a wonderful person with the most fabulous quilt shop!

On the drive home from Grayson, I was delayed by a car accident.  I pulled over into a parking lot and spoke with a woman who had witnessed the whole thing.  A truck had gone speeding through the intersection of GA 20 and Plantation Blvd.  She said three ambulances had been there taking people away.  I wondered if Eron had been there, but I know he can't talk about things like that, so I didn't pry when I spoke to him.

And then I got on the computer at home and see that my middle son, Andy, has been busy in Knoxville this week. He is such a passionate soul. 
Ah well, I have a sinus headache Day 2.
Back to sewing soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thrift store score

My Aunt Katie (Primitive Woolens) is always finding the coolest things at thrift shops and yard sales near where she lives in Missouri. And she gets the best prices.  Mom and I did not think we could find anything to compare at our big city thrift stores (Kansas City and Atlanta areas, respectively), but oh, this week I popped into a shop and walked out with my score of the year! An April Cornell king-sized duvet cover and two shams for ten bucks.  Yep 10 single dollar bills!  My husband didn't like it at first, since it doesn't go matchy-matchy with our bedroom wallpaper, so I thought I would cut it apart and make two quilts out of it, but now hubby slept under it (no pouf inside in this heat), he is convinced it is the best buy I've ever made.

Did I mention it is two sided?
And that I got three yards of red homespun fabric for an additional two buckaroos?  I dig this thrift thing!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school in style

I bought Kitten a "back-to-school" collar.  Yeah, I kinda got caught up in the school shopping frenzy, and not having school-age children anymore, Kitten was the beneficiary.  She lost it the first day of school.  Yup, I came home from work and found she had 86'd the collar.  Maybe ditched it on the way to the bus?!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One of the first tops I pieced on the machine was this kit from Tula Pink called "Nests." I put it together on my Featherweight, but I really didn't know what I was doing (you know, that squaring up baloney).  I pulled it out to finish as a gift, but it was way to small at 54 inches, so I added some borders. I think I will send it off to a quilter, so she can "quilt out" some of the fullness my poor technique added.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home at Last!

This was my corner of hubby's hospital room the last two weekends. It feels so good to be back home.  I know he is glad to be back.  We both need to get our selves rested up.  He has some health decisions ahead of him and follow up appointments.
I have missed my sewing room.
Kitten thinks the sewing machine is way too quiet!
She wonders when there will be some action.
While I get my thinking cap back on, Kitten perched on the hat boxes under my desk.