the aftermath

I love getting flowers to decorate when company is coming. (I found the doily at Goodwill for $2.00.)

I am writing this in a calm state of mind (Cesar Millan would be proud). My pups are quiet; my Kitten on the mend.  MIL is on her way to her sister's house after having dinner with my husband and his ex and their children. 

The visit went just fine. I kept meals simple (and here at home though there were NO problems).  Last night we had chicken cordon bleu, twice baked potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and salad.  I unwrapped the frozen chicken and potatoes, stuck them on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and into the oven for 45 minutes they went.  I went back to quilting "Nests" and made this boo-boo:
I un-sewed it and used a lint brush to pick up all the little white bits left from pulling out the errant threads.
It worked really well.
On Tuesday I got back the report from my annual physical.  Cholesterol is up, triglycerides are up, sodium up, and so is calcium.  The doctor recommends better diet and increased exercise, so this morning I got up extra early to feed the livestock (3 dogs and Kitten), and, as I left at 7, I told my husband be sure to close the "water closet" door when he locks the dogs up in the master bathroom (so they don't bother his 92 year old mother).  Our oldest dog, Scooter, has an unfortunate habit of going in the water closet and then turning around and closing the door on himself thereby getting trapped.  I rescued him three times Tuesday, while the door installer was here, until I started remembering to close it before I put them in there.  It is traumatic for Scooter because the first time it happened, over a year ago, the lid was up and he was all wet when we found him. His panicked bark is enough to get "mommy" running to help him, but this morning I was at the swimming pool getting some much needed exercise and I depended on hubby to take care of things until I got back.

Here is what I found on the back of the water closet door when I got back:
Bloody scratch marks!  All over the door, blood on the tiles and in the grout, even on the toilet bowl! I was steamed. I hadn't been told my baby had gotten locked in, and to see that he must have been in there quite a while;  it just made me mad. I examined Scooter and could only find one damaged claw, so I think, physically at least, he is okay. 

But things are calm now.  I have the house to myself while they are at dinner. The quilting is all done on "Nests". I used about 10 bobbins of thread, and look at all the safety pins I took out!
Now I can work on binding (Kitten permitting).
Is one leg up like being given "the finger?"
Or is this the evil eye?


WoolenSails said…
What a day and poor Scooter. That is something my dog would do.
We had to have the dew claws removed because he kept catching them on things. I hope the rest of your holiday is wonderful and calm;)

Gretchen said…
Poor Scooter! That's terrible. The photos of Kitten are priceless though :) And the quilt is gorgeous. Peace and sewing to you :)