Making More T-Shirt "Worms"

I am cutting more of Dad's old t-shirts into 1 1/2 inch strips because last night I started crocheting with the ones I'd already cut. I like it!
Fun to do in front of the TV.


Anonymous said…
Looks like that would make a great potholder or trivet. Are the pieces difficult to work with?
WoolenSails said…
That looks wonderful. I tried the crochet and the toothbrush method, just too uncoordinated, I guess.

Kim said…
Great idea to re-purpose old T shirts. How large will it be when completed? I agree with Mildred, it would make a cute trivet.
Ani said…
I remember my Mom making similar rugs from end-of-run poly double knit fabric my aunt would bring home from the mill she worked at - remember when the USA actually had fabric mills? All gone now and millions of jobs too. But I digress...Kitten is certainly worthy of a gov study, she's too cool. Is the quilt behind Kitten in the bottom photo a design of yours Karmen? I really like it. Best, Ani
Susan said…
That does look like it would be better than the toothbrush method. I started making a toothbrush rug, but haven't finished it. I know how to crochet, so I bet that I'd like that method better.
carol said…
I see a rotary cutter in the picture with the wood crochet hook. You are cutting strips with the rotary cutter or scissors? I may have missed this part of the comment. Years ago I did two small rugs with torn strips of fabric material. One was suppose to be round and the other oval--not sure anyone oculd tell the difference or recognize my single or double loops.
I used the rotary cutter on the t-shirt fabric, but the cotton fabric I used on my previous rug was snipped with scissors and then torn. I am getting close to having a nice little bathroom or bedroom rug out of these old t-shirts. I am just winging it, since I've never made a granny square or afghan before. It is fun to play with stuff you cannot possibly mess up.
Becky said…
Could you share some particulars about your t-shirt rug? Hook size? This is something I could see myself doing. I'm not real good at figuring things out:)
Hi Becky,
I will try to do a post about the rug, but sadly I am clueless about hook size. Mom gave me an old wood one (really big), so I guess I could go by Jo Anns and see what looks comparable.
I can't wait to see that T-shirt rug..Can you bring it to Thimbles???

I think you are now the yo yo queen too!

Ginger Patches said…
What a great way to recycle...I love it!