This guy is 30 (on April 18)
From sitting in a dryer,
To putting out fires,
A Mom couldn't ask for a better son!
You got all grown before I had a chance to finish this quilt for your twin bed:
But I promise once you get in your new house, I will get right on that black and red quilt you've requested.
Happy Birthday Eron!
I just need to stay away from new projects like the one I worked on today:


MandaBurms said…
Thanks for stopping by & saying hello
It was lovely to have a read of your blog & your quilts..

Love Leanne
katie said…
The 18th, he almost hit your birthday.
I like the new project you are working on.

I have been seeing a lot of quilting with perle cotton, is that what you have done?
WoolenSails said…
My daughter turned 25 yesterday, it sure goes by fast.
He will love that quilt as much now, as when he was younger.
I love your new piece, looks like it is going to be a beautiful quilt.

Valentina said…
Congratulations! :)
Karmen, thank you so much for coming to find me, you have such a delightful blog and I am so looking forward to getting to know you through our blogs! I need to go get a big pot of tea and come back to feast my eyes on your projects and quilts. But Kitty stole my heart...
And I laughed so hard at the dog rescue! I like you already, and I think we'll have fun together! :)
Valentina from Cyprus
Becky said…
Happy Birthday to Eron! My step-son Jason turns 30 on Friday. Love the photo of Eron in the dryer. Take care!
Julia said…
Karmen, thank you so much for visiting me,and leaving a comment..
it's nice to find you and I will visit often..
Libby said…
My girl made the same milestone this month . . . how is it possible, when I feel like I'm in my 30's still *s*
Happy Birthday and congrats on raising a wonderful son!
Lappedamen said…
Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. To stay away from new project is a big challenge, they are so much more intersting than the old ones. Your son will love the quilt when it is finished. It's lovely.
momto2wasd said…
I have a picture of my son in the dryer like that! He's still only 9 though. I enjoyed your picture!