Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ott Light

As Tuxedo tummy tanner.
This Kitten is totally soaking up the rays while using my yo-yo jar as a foot rest.
Too tired to play anymore.
Sleeping with the scissor.
Sweet little face.
Oh, whatever will we work on?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I really won something; how cool is that?

Wow, look!  I won this lovely book and batik fabrics from Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts. Her blog and quilts are amazing, but I especially love her kitty, since it reminds me of mine.
This book has some great quilts in it, so I am really enjoying it.

I purchased these two books this week, and I am not as jazzed up about them.  They are okay though. That's what happens when you order online without having a chance to flip through it first.
And this book FINALLY came!  Oh some much good stuff in this one.  It will be a most useful addition to my technique bookshelf.

I am heading to Kansas City later this week for the Quilt Guild of Greater Kansas City workshops with Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta.  Oh, man, I am so excited about going!  Plus I will be with Mom!  Bonus!  But today I am feeling all poorly.  Like I have a mild flu.  So I have been sleeping all day.  I sure don't feel much like sewing.  And that stinks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who's that?

Nope, this isn't Kitten (note it has TWO eyes).  This is a kitty I found at an apartment complex.  The story I got from the folks there is that he/she (?) "has been around a long time," "someone moved and left him/her" (?), "everyone in the building feeds it," and "here Mittens." The last was from a heavy black woman in culinary attire.  She kept calling the cat, but totally ignored me.
He/she is really big, and not too underweight.  Actually pretty good for such a large frame. And the fur was glossy though filled with pine pollen.  Can you see the fangs?  I am not kidding; just like a saber toothed tiger. The kitty drooled a bit.  Perhaps because of the teeth, but maybe because of illness.
I couldn't bring it home.  (Insert the many reasons here.) I hate when people abandon their pets, and I believe it would be better off at a shelter than left in a parking lot.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This guy is 30 (on April 18)
From sitting in a dryer,
To putting out fires,
A Mom couldn't ask for a better son!
You got all grown before I had a chance to finish this quilt for your twin bed:
But I promise once you get in your new house, I will get right on that black and red quilt you've requested.
Happy Birthday Eron!
I just need to stay away from new projects like the one I worked on today:

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Good news all around

This little girl was running the streets in front of our house yesterday.  I had never seen her before, and she was very skittish, so I had to apply dog psychology to catch her.  I am sure this looked really funny:  I lay down in the driveway (in the pollen), in my pajamas. She was still not interested in me, so I made clucking noises, and she ran right over to me.  I have found, in my dog rescue escapades, that "playing dead" or "playing prey" (running the OPPOSITE direction) is the best way to capture a lost dog.  It just works!  Anyway, she had a collar on and a phone number on her tag, so she was reunited with her mom-person.  Mom-person had left the house to go for a swim at the local pool, and her hubby must have left a door open on accident.  Poor little pup could have been snatched or hurt.  The mom-person said she had another small dog snatched by a hawk.  Oh my, I am just glad this little girl is safe again!
And my SEWEZI table is here!  It went together like a dream and fits my Bernina perfectly! I am so glad to have an internet order arrive as promised (I was losing faith in internet commerce)!  Of course, it was delivered by Fed Ex.

ALSO, hubby got on the phone with the car dealership, and, it turns out, no one had checked the warranty on my car, so the repair was reduced from $1250 to $155.  Wow, can you say "happy dance?"

Kitten in a bucket.

Goofy Kitten.

Friday, April 9, 2010

But it GOES with my QUILT!

I rarely get a chance to go to the mall.  You know, that dollar-sucking asphalt adornment called Mall of Georgia?  Well, today I had to run an errand to Dick's to return that way-too-expensive-tennis-dress-I-will-never-wear. So I started at Dillards 'cause I could maybe find a decent pair of shoes while I was at the mall, when all of sudden I spied this perfume at 70% off! AND it goes with my quilt!
That was the end of my quick errand.  
I decided I needed some cheerful spring items.
I now consider myself updated for spring.  I still need shoes though, oh, and that tennis dress?  Maybe I will wear it when I play (greased up with sunscreen) on Sunday.
 I forgot to mention, the other reason (besides the tennis dress) that I was near the mall.  My car failed its emission test, so I had to take said car in for repair.  Something called "third cylinder misfire."  At least I can smile about my cute purse when I am pulling my credit card out to pay the dealership for fixing whatever is wrong that they didn't catch when they did the 60,000 mile check up last month. 
(And there went the tax refund.)
I am staying home tomorrow (except for collecting the car).  I save money that way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Better at Tennis!

I played a three hour doubles match today.  My partner and I had maybe 40 years on the youngsters we played. We won the first match, fought hard the second and the third was pretty quick.  I am proud I played better than before and made it through the three hours really well.  Except for one thing.  I forgot sunscreen. My face hurts and I don't feel too well.  I am going to bed.  Forgive me for no quilting today.  I think I am used up and need to re-charge.