A Little Spring Chickie

This was a lot of fun!  At the Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe booth, I took a "make it and take it" class. This is the first time I needle punched, and it was really fun.  The little chickie was already punched for us (thanks Linda!), so all we did was fill in the background and sew the pin back on, but it was a great introduction to something I'd wanted to try.  I think it looks quite at home on the strap of my Farm Bag. 


WoolenSails said…
You took the plunge and it is so cute. What a great way to learn and get some practice by doing the background. I think simple and small is the smart way to go, then you can get the feel of the punching and spacing, etc.

*karendianne. said…
How very cute. I'm thinking this is a great way to introduce people to the fun of this, too. What a way to start someone off - with a grand finish. I love this approach!!!
Becky said…
Thanks for sharing about the Expo! I had plans to visit the exhibit hall on Saturday morning, but things didn't work out. I've taken classes with Debby Kratovil when she lived in Atlanta. She's a talented quilter. Hope to see you this weekend!