Feeling left out

Of the whole wool rug hooking thing (I am allergic), so when I got a glimpse of Locker Hooking, which is done with cotton, I was more than interested. I am thinking utility pieces here. I love learning new things and making useful goods. (I know Mom, you said cut not tear, but I am lazy and this is faster.)
My new choos (will they be quilty-practical enough for Thimbles?) took Rosebud for a walk around the block. Oh wait a minute, back up. I woke up with a serious headache at 3 a.m. It would not go away. The headache I came down with Thursday morning lasted through half of Friday, but when I went to sleep Friday night, I thought I was done with it. These headaches are accompanied by chills and nausea. Thursdays pain was on the left hand side; this mornings pain was on the right. I can't figure it out. I was thinking I should have my blood pressure checked when my cell phone rang. It was son number one, and he said he'd be right over with his blood pressure cuff. Well darned, two minutes later he was here, and two minutes after that he was gone. My lungs were fine, my blood pressure also fine. His advice was forget aspirin and get some fluids and ibuprofen. I had 800 mg tabs in the cabinet and took one, so I have finally started feeling better. Therefore, the dog finally got a walk and my new choos got broken in. What would I do without that boy?

Wait another minute; he will be 30 next month. Yikes! April is coming. Husband person is 60 (glad it's him, not me) on March 27, number three son is 22 on the first and then number one son is 30 on the 18th. And my birthday follows all of them.


Karen said…
I did not enjoy locker hooking. It was hard on my hands and I gave up. Hope you do better than me. I sure like the look.
Kris said…
Sounds like you are having cluster headaches. Awful!! There are meds that help though. Do see a doctor. Nice to have son in the medical field. My son in law is a PharmD and it is ever so helpful. Son in law 2 is a police officer. Also helpful. Son of our own is a musician...ever so soothing. And our daughters...they are delightful mommies to our grandchildren that we adore!!!
Happy Saturday. Love the choos! I have some almost identical. Bjorn?
katie said…
Ditto what Karen said. It hurt my hands so bad. And rug hooking doesn't hurt them at all. Go figure.
Hope your headache is gone for good.
Kathie said…
hope your feeling better today, cute shoes!!!!
haven't tried locker hooking , would like to. would love to make hooked rugs but collecting wool...well I would have to chose between fabric and wool...so far the fabric keeps winning!
That is the cool thing about locker hooking. It is done with cotton. I am allergic to wool, so it is a no-no in my sewing room. The little piece I am learning on is being made with an orphan piece of fabric someone donated to our guild (Spirited Quilters, Duluth, Georgia). I thought it was a lot of fabric until I started hooking with it. Darn, it is getting eaten up fast, so I will have to choose what fabric to use from my stash next. Probably I'll use something I bought at a garage sale.
Millie said…
Hello! Thank you for visiting my blogs. Love your Egypt triangles quilt - admire your patience for one colorway and one shape! My son will be 30 next month too! Dunno where the time went. Sounds like your #1 son is a gem too! Lucky us to have them nearby.
Deb said…
Ugh, the headaches sound awful. My husband suffers from them too and he feels miserable. Glad that you found a replacement for the rug hooking - that's so awful that you're allergic to wool, but I think the locker hooking will be just as fun.