Try(ing) Angles

I am not sure what I think of this so far, but I am determined to keep going. It is hard to get much done, since I only sew one day a week and usually only half of that day. I want this quilt to be totally scrappy as though my great-grandmother put it together from what she had on hand or cobbled together from friends. I also do not want to abide by any rules of color placement. It should be easy, since I am reasonably ignorant of those rules. The red fabric at the top edge is being considered for stripes down the quilt. Or maybe just for the binding. Not sure; just playing.

Number one son came by for a short visit. He told me the little boy in the previous post was a co-worker's son, and they were just doing a check up; he was not sick or anything. That's good. He looks to be a sweet little guy. My son is going to be 30 next month. 30! I can't believe it.


WoolenSails said…
I like the scrappy look and the browns look so nice together.

Kathie said…
looking good!
I am working in browns right now too!
I know! When I saw your blog of 2/23, I thought I'd clicked on my twin sister's blog! Funny, huh? I bet we have some of the same fabrics. Don't show me up too much, please. You being a master in the art of quilting and me being a been-around-it-all-my-life, but now learning it the hard-headed and extremely slow way quilter wanna-be and all. Karmen
Libby said…
I love that you are not following 'rules' - I often wonder just who made those rules and why we should follow them anyway. I think you can never go wrong with red or stripes, so you've got a perfect fabric there no matter how you choose to use it.

p.s. our daughter is turning 30 next month . . . . this is far harder to wrap my mind around than the fact that Hubby and I are eligible for AARP this year *s*
katie said…
Karmen, I love the scrappy brown quilt. I love anything that doesn't look like it had rigid rules. I have a dear friend and that is the only way she can quilt. I don't think it is near as much fun.
Happy to know the little boy with Eron wasn't sick, he didn't look to unhappy.
Keep on keepin on
Renee said…
I LOVE this quilt . . . you are always working on (and finishing up) so many great projects!
xoxx, Renée
Deb said…
I think that it looks good so far. I think that making quilts like these are more challenging than other ones because we are always critical of where we're putting all the pieces. I did that on the last quilt I worked on - would one fabric be too close to it somewhere else in the quilt? I'm doing a Bullseye Quilt now and because of the randomness of it, I have a hard time with it. But I love the scrappy quilts so much more than others.
Karen said…
All those fabrics! So interesting to see. I am considering cutting a bunch of triangles and creating something too.
Hi Karmen! You are so clever and I love your quilting talents! Your little Maltese and black cat are sweeties! Bet they keep good company while you quilt!

Kris said…
Love your blog...and I will be coming back!!