Kitten's scary day.

If Kitten could dial the phone, I think she would get herself a ride out of here. She was left alone with my husband yesterday while I attended a tutoring conference. When I got home last night, my husband bragged about how much house cleaning he did while I was gone, and he decided to tell me about the really funny thing that happened. Seriously, he thought it was so funny he re-told the story to me this morning. While he was laughing (and I was staring at him, horrified), I interrupted to tell him if he told me the story one more time he was going to be fatally injured (by me) because it was NOT funny.

Does she look okay to you? She is kinda clingy today, but I think she is okay.

Here is what happened. Husband-person took a load of laundry out of the dryer, carried it to the bedroom to fold, went back to the dryer, threw wet clothes in, and turned it on. As he was walking away, he thought something was wrong with the dryer's motor because it was going (well, the imitated sound is atrocious and he laughs when he does it-so freaking hideous!). My beautiful sweet angel baby loving one-eyed love-bug Kitten was IN THE DRYER--the g-damn GAS dryer. Anyone willing to give her a better home now? Oh, thank God she is okay as far as I can tell physically speaking. Who knows what additional emotional damage has been done. So he (incompetent house-husband person) is NOT allowed to laugh about it! EVER!
I want to mention this book. Not because it is wonderful to read. It isn't. It is unlike Rick Bragg's other books, but because it tells about cotton mill workers, and I think quilters should have an acquaintance with the origins of the fabric we love and the historical human toll of producing it. (No kittens were harmed during the reading of this book.)


WoolenSails said…
Poor Kitty. I never leave my doors open, I am afraid of that happening.
In fact, I know someone who actually did that and didn't find out till after the load was done and she lost her kitty. That would mortify me, if I did that. Dora likes to jump in the refrigerator too, so I never close doors without checking first.

katie said…
OMG poor Kitty, glad he heard her.
No tell husband person, I'm not laughing either.
Becky said…
Hope your little one is over the trauma! I do the laundry at my house. It's a gender thing. I had to miss Thimbles this month. Hated not seeing everyone. Missed the people, laughing and sewing.
VeeV said…
POOR sweet angel baby loving one-eyed love-bug Kitten!!!!!

B-A-D daddy-oh!!!! not funny!!!!

Kitten survived!! thank goodness!!

Kim said…
Ohhhhh, poor kitty. I hope kitty gets some extra spoiling in the next few days. She deserves it after that ordeal! Tell hubby - Not Funny!
Cathy said…
I cringed when I read your husband's
"funny story"...and you are right...don't ever let him laugh at that again. It is horrible. Hey, I know...maybe he would really laugh if it was him! LOL When I was a 4 or 5 year old I got in the drying and thought that was fun, until my mother about brained me for trying such a dumb thing. Maybe the dryers back in the 50's were more dangerous than the modern electric onces now. I would be like my mom if one of my grandchildren tried that stupid trick! ♥♥♥