Snow Day! Yippee!

My Aunt Katie, of Primitive Woolens blog, was showing how much snow they have in Missouri, so I thought I'd post a photo of the snow that has shut down Atlanta area schools for today. It is not so much the snow that causes problems here, but the ice that forms when snow melts on contact with warm streets and then freezes as the temperatures drop during the night. Last night the wind picked up, and it was frigid cold and icy this morning. Not too bad now though (11 a.m.). I find that Crocs make good all weather slippers and match whatever sleepwear I happen to slide into after work. These pants are part of my pink-flamingo-trailer-park-flannel-jammie ensemble.


Gretchen said…
Beautiful snow day ensemble!!! It is freeeeeezzzzzzing out there today. I lasted about 5 seconds before complaining.
WoolenSails said…
It takes a big blizzard to shut down our state;)
I love working indoors while the outside is covered in white.