Just Do It

Yeah, yeah, I know; that phrase is taken, but it is what I decided: Just do it (already)! I have been whining about not having a flat surface to quilt on. I really thought DH would get me that sewing cabinet for my Bernina (I've almost paid it off) as a Christmas gift, but he is immune to incessant hints and complaints. So I got money for Christmas. One-third of what I turned around and gave to my boys for Christmas. Isn't adult responsibility grand?
Oh, it is my sore throat talking. I have been struggling with it (my throat) since Friday. I am tired and cranky. But I am QUILTING! I don't feel as pitiful when I am laying down straight furrows in layers of cotton. I don't. It is like a tonic.
My tools are primitive: gardening gloves from the Dollar Store with the fingers cut out ala Peggy Barkle's suggestion, fancy printed bifocals from Tuesday Morning and painter's tape from Home Depot. This is Samurai Squares (see history of this quilt by clicking here) from a kit I'd purchased at Share the Spirit Quilts in Duluth before they closed. I had pieced it, layered it and quilted stabilizing lines then pretty much forgot about it.
I need practice at machine quilting because I have allowed myself to get stuck when I come to that point. Tonight I decided to jump right in. I will even attempt free motion on the large white areas. Yes, I will. I think I will. Maybe as soon as next weekend.

Back in the day, I did all my quilting by hand. So tedious. I really like this fancy new machine stuff. Really. I just need to jump in and DO IT. Below is an example of my hand work from the first quilt I ever completed (entirely by hand).


WoolenSails said…
I love being able to machine quilt, but I need to sit down at the machine more and practice too. I tend to like to sit in my comfy chair while I work, so I end up doing more lap projects.

MyStuff from MO said…
Oh my gosh! That is beautiful and you did it by hand to boot! I LOVE it!!!!