Egypt is now Good Earth

The Spirited Quilters of Duluth had a stitch in today, and I worked on the 2009 mystery challenge that should have been completed in December. I spent the year collecting brown and beige fabric for the quilt that was supposed to represent Egypt and not really stitching any of it, so today I cut and stitched brown/beige fabric together for 5 hours. I completed enough stitching for 5 rows of 36 pyramids (currently stitched in groups of 3). That makes 180 pyramids. The quilt calls for 1000. At this point, I need a nap. I don't know when this quilt will ever get finished, but I am calling it "Good Earth" or "Good Dirt," since that is what the brown stuff under my work boots is for goodness sake! (I like it best vertical, don't you?)


Karen said…
I like it vertical also. Either title would be good. I do like the colors you have chosen for the project.
WoolenSails said…
I love the colors in it, definitely a good name.

Kathie said…
I like the way it looks with the limited color palette.
have to admit to having one cut out and ready to sew together, one day!
not sure I have 1,000 yet but must be pretty close.
Its on the agenda for 2010~ will be looking forward to seeing yours done this year too
katie said…
Karmen that is so pretty. Now for some reason I like it horizontal best. But 1,000 pieces I would have already given up. But I know you will get it finished and it will be beautiful
Libby said…
I love it! Have been wanting to make a triangle quilt for some time now. Yours is a great inspiration.
Wow! That is sooo pretty Karmen!
That is alot of work! I'm a quilter too, and not sure of tackling that one. It'll be really pretty all done up. I think I like the vertical best too.
I'm leaving you an award on my blog today... come for a visit.

*karendianne. said…
How did I miss this really cool work?!