Sunday, November 29, 2009


We visited Harper's and Curious Sofa on Friday while some of you were at the Mall...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And then auditions

We like this bold print until we found the small geometric.
Then I found this border type print. Mom didn't like the green strip next to the blocks.
So we reversed it.Nope. When we put this next orangy bold floral next to it we fell in love.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Fun Stuff

Mom had these blocks already paper pieced. She had taken this "Rattlesnake" (for Karen K. Stone's pattern, click the link) class some years ago and had the unfinished work stored away. It is what we work on when I get to visit. I love the beautiful Robin Pandolf fabric Mom chose to use. I stitched the crescents onto the "melons" then spent a lot of time pulling out paper.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stuck by a Vampire

I had blood drawn on MONDAY, and this is what it looks like THURSDAY. At least the doctor says all my particulars are within normal range. Specialist doctor visits coming this week. Ugh. At least no more blood suckers!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yah-hoo, a field of blue!

Even though I am not turning back the appliqué on Dad's quilt, it takes a long time to blanket stitch the edges. I spent 4 hours yesterday at Thimbles and Pat Wys gave me some great hints for "traveling" with the stitching, since she saw I was spending an inordinate amount of time pulling threads to the back and tying them off by hand. No more though, and man, I have to tell you, things are going so much better and quicker. I still spent 6 hours or so sewing today along with blog reading and chores. Horrifying to say, but it is 5:30 p.m. and I have yet to change out of my flannel pjs or brush my teeth (ewww). Now that I am taking a break, it is time to bathe and brush. I think I am done for the day as far as quilting. The red may have to wait a while. I need some hand work for TV time. Huh, I am not even sure I have anything to pick up. I SURE don't want to start something new. Oh well, decide AFTER the B & B.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Little Planes

I think it is time to break out the lens cleaning tissues and figure out how to use them. I see the same smudge on this photo of planes that I had on the last photo. But anyway, you get the idea about my planes? I know they look like they should be on a quilt for a little boy, but what about for a big boy? What about a retired from TWA full-grown man? I think if a daughter (me) makes a quilt for her father, he will like it okay. I am making it like an American flag because my father is a very patriotic man.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Blue Squadron

A squadron of little blue airplanes landed on my work table. Man, I am grooving on this fusible web!

Woohoo! Better Already!

Here is a little embroidery I did on the short overalls I lived in in 1976. You can see I always loved to hand stitch stuff, and these little babies qualify as VINTAGE! Yes, vintage just like me.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed, fed the cat, walked two dogs and then fed the one (monster-who-isn't-so-bad) out on the patio. I felt pretty good, so after I took my usual morning vitamins, I decided to READ my UTI medicine before I took it with my toast. Okay, get this "do not take within 6 hours of calcium, magnesium or iron." I then read my vitamin bottles. Okay, now maybe I have a handle on why my guts were rotting and I was curled up in an agonizing ball of pain all day yesterday. Now I have to wait 6 hours to take the medicine. At least it will be an upright, and perhaps sewing 6 hours. And my reward for feeling better? Roasted chicken from KFC (minus any mashed potatoes with milk in them), of course!
And while I have been sick, the roofers pounded on the roof all day, which kept the dogs barking. I think it will look pretty good once it is done. I will appreciate the peace and quiet, that's for sure. (Center section is old roof, left and right are new.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

After my last post, I went into the kitchen to take my medicine. I promptly threw it, along with any beverage I'd consumed, up. So I called the doctor office, and they said it was probably because I hadn't had anything solid on my stomach. I took another pill with some toast. My husband later said he was going to the store, and did I need anything. I said well some roast chicken and mashed potatoes from KFC might help me with my medicine, if that was okay for dinner. An hour later he waltzes into the bedroom with a plate of food from Checkers, plops down in his easy chair, kicks back and starts chowing down on his double cheese burger. Meanwhile I am curled fetal position on my chaise lounge with my eyes too heavy to open, but I ask "is the chicken in the kitchen?" I get a sincere, "Oh, man, I forgot, but I'll go back out." Seriously. Freaking seriously. AND NO, I did not want him to go back out. I made him walk his step-son's seriously disturbed dog instead. Oh, by the way, Dubs and I are doing super. He even comes to me for head scratches and cuddles.

Need some sunshine

Yes, the sun is out, but I am in bed, so it is wasted on me. After work yesterday, I went back to the doctor. Yes, the sinus infection is over, but somehow "we"missed the "massive" urinary tract infection I also have. Two shots and three more prescriptions leave me NO energy for anything. Back to bed and prayers for some better energy by Monday. If I were an animal, I would just want to be put out of my misery. I honestly don't know that I am ever going to be well.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Impulse Post

On my way out the door to work, I took a look at my design wall and made an addition to the still non-photogenic quilt in progress. Does the addition of the extra square in the middle of the large areas help this "pretty darn ugly" quilt? Mom? Huh?I guess I could fuse, then edge stitch them on, or do the traditional appliqué; at any rate they would be appliquéd. Would another shape work better? Circle, flower?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend's close

This is the big brown scary fiend beast I was telling you about.
You can see in his face something isn't quite right. I think crossing a Bassett Hound with a Cocker Spaniel should be outlawed.
The mix is just too, well, I just don't know what.
Mom saw the earlier picture of this quilt top, and she thought it was pretty awful looking, but when she made the picture bigger, she remembered being with me when I bought the fabric at Quilter's Station. She doesn't know how it is photographing so weird either. The fabric is actually very pretty. I got the center put together. Next weekend, after I get the borders on, I will try to get a shot outdoors in the natural light.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some progress at least

The color is a little strange in the photo, but I like the way this simple design looks in this fabric. I need a "quickie" project. Yea, right, this little baby has been cut out and half stitched for about a year. I am just a real slow poke.

What's on your work table?

My little Kitten loves to watch everything that goes on in my sewing room, and her favorite perch is any bag filled with cloth. This one hold that project I started (many moons ago) with the Unity Quilter's group. My mission for the rest of today is to finish this top.Kitten permitting, of course!
We went to the cat show at the Gwinnett Civic Center this morning and bought Kitten a little friend. I think it is hysterical: my one-eyed Kitten has a no-eyed friend.
I am finally getting over the sinus infection I have struggled with for 3 weeks. I don't know why I wait so long to go to the doctor. I really thought I was just whimpy, and I'd get over it, but it took a shot of steroids and some antibiotics to kick this one.

My son is bringing the "brown terror" to stay with us for a while. The "brown terror" is know to intimidate grown men, little dogs and strong women. He has also been known to bite. One time he growled at me as I was feeding him. He is a challenge, and I hope not to have him for long. At any rate it will be an exercise in animal behavior and creative management. (You know: this one comes in, that one goes out, these get locked up here, those over there. NOT sure how the Kitten will handle this new development. She's never met the "brown terror.") AND do you think I have misnamed my Kitten? Maybe she should be Cookie. As in Oreo Cookie. Maybe?
Rocky poses with a smile.

When I first got my Bernina, I was beginning a mystery quilt with my church group. I thought the foot on my new machine "magically" did quarter inch seams. Nope, I didn't have that foot on and the seams are way too wide. So now I am re-sewing those seams so I can put the quilt top together.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh yeah, the inside

I forgot to show the inside of the bag. I kept the pockets off the jeans I cut apart for the sides and bottom of the bag and used them for pockets on the inside of the bag. Then I machine quilted the background fabric.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bag Finish

This is "Homage to Mom's N Dadn's Farm."
And this is the backside.
The Moda fabric coasters I used to close the bag. Can you believe one said Missouri?
The chicks, the rows of crops, the flower garden and some vegetables.
I used all items I had on hand to create the bag and I had loads of fun doing it. Last night I was embellishing with embroidery, and I didn't want to stop. The only reason I did stop was the idea that I could actually have a finished bag. I started with the "Big Bag Theory" pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine.

And last, but not least, I did something kinda silly to my hair. I decided not to be blonde. In this picture it looks okay, but in real life (like my bathroom mirror), it looks really, really dark red. I wanted something different. I really did. Didn't I? Oh well, hair grows. It just grows so darn slow at my age. Dang it.
On the way home Friday, I called my folks in Missouri, and my dad asked me did I know anything about the plane crash in Lawrenceville. As I got closer to home, I passed a channel 5 truck, and when I got to the golf course, I saw the parking lot was a mess of media trucks. I turn into my neighborhood just past the golf course. A small airplane had crashed into a house about a mile from ours, since this was on my regular walking route, I took my camera with me today.

This is looking through the investigator's tent to what used to be the front steps of the house. The chair is sitting where the front door should be.
This is looking from the left side of the property to the right where the house was.
This is looking down the left property line. I assume the garage sat somewhat in front of the gazebo.
This is a more right-ward look from what would have been the end of the driveway on the left of the property.
This may have been the driveway, but look what is left of the cars.
Two people were killed: the pilot of the plane and a woman who had been on the second floor of the home. Somehow her husband escaped from the first floor. The pictures on the news Friday night showed a hellish fiery inferno. I don't know how anyone could have escaped. The homes in that area are large and well appointed. All that is left of this one, well, you can see for yourself. It was obliterated.