Bag Finish

This is "Homage to Mom's N Dadn's Farm."
And this is the backside.
The Moda fabric coasters I used to close the bag. Can you believe one said Missouri?
The chicks, the rows of crops, the flower garden and some vegetables.
I used all items I had on hand to create the bag and I had loads of fun doing it. Last night I was embellishing with embroidery, and I didn't want to stop. The only reason I did stop was the idea that I could actually have a finished bag. I started with the "Big Bag Theory" pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine.

And last, but not least, I did something kinda silly to my hair. I decided not to be blonde. In this picture it looks okay, but in real life (like my bathroom mirror), it looks really, really dark red. I wanted something different. I really did. Didn't I? Oh well, hair grows. It just grows so darn slow at my age. Dang it.


WoolenSails said…
I really want to make some bags, I just need to get over the fear of making them. Our local shop is having a class this month and if I can get my energy back, maybe I can go to that. Yours came out wonderfully.

Kathie said…
that bag is great oh my I LOVE the coaster tooo cute!
oh I think the hair looks nice
I bet you will like it better in a week or so
looks easy to take care of too!