Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too Fast

The first day in Mom's studio I worked on Lisa Bongean's "Vintage Nine." I wanted to figure out how to square the three inch nine patch squares. I got the center group of patches together, and one of the wool accented side borders (minus most of its leaves; I suddenly remember).
Next, I told Mom I wanted to work on one of her patterns, so she set me to working on "Easy Stars." At first we did multicolored stars on a tan background (see below), but I decided I like the paler colored star on a blue field (above). I am not yet good at getting the seams to match correctly, but with practice I should improve.
This chair is full of the new Brannock (Mom) & Patek fabric line from MODA. She (Mom) gave me some to bring home in hopes I will make a quilt entirely of this line. Or maybe I am the one that came up with that idea. I can't remember.
The "Easy Stars" pattern also features a pieced heart, and this is mine (also the new fabric):
I love spending time in the backyard....
The visit "home" was too fast. Mom and I did more sewing this time than we ever had, but still didn't have enough time to get much done.


*karendianne. said...

Ahh, what a fun post! I love your stars and I do see what you mean, what you liked there. And ohh, I love your heart! How sweet. Yes, very very sweet. And what a happy backyard. Definitely a great post. Thank you for sharing all the goodness! *karendianne.

katie said...

Everything looks great. She(Lin, your mom) has a hearts and stars again pattern I bought from Quilters Station I hope to get to work on. It is kind of a stack and whack pattern and she(your mom) says it is really fun to do.
I really like the stars on the brown background.
Really like the heart also, but it looks difficult. Is it applique, I haven't done that in so long, will need a refresher course.

AllisonK said...

The stars have always been a favorite of time. Yours are beautiful. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I hope to make a quilt with them some day.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Your Vintage Nine is too pretty! I love the little appliqued flowers in the border.

Easy Stars is such a timeless pattern. My friend made a queen-size bed quilt using that pattern -- all blues and tans. I love the fabrics in your blocks. Nice job on the heart!

I'm so excited to see that new fabric line. It looks like they're re-printed some of my favorite fabrics. I recognize most of the prints. Also classics! I'll be on the lookout for that one.

I'm glad you had a good visit!