Flower Shop soon to be done.

Yesterday I spent the day quilting Flower Shop (pattern by Renee Plains). I dragged my feet, but figured I needed to get it done. Minor flaws (trust me, most crafting flaws are minor, if we keep a healthy perspective on life) kept me from finishing it. It is like I lose enthusiam when I don't get things "right." That has been a problem of mine ever since I can remember. Seriously, quilts are beautiful when they are quilted. Minor flaws (even major ones) be damned. Today, at the church quilter's group, I will apply the binding. Mom and I have been having discussions on why I insist on doing bias binding. She says it isn't necessary; I need to try new things. I will be up there on Saturday (flying AIRTRAN) to spend a few days.


WoolenSails said…
I tend to be the same way, but I finish them. On the one hand, I love to do free motion and the quilting, and the other, I hate having to work with large quilt in a machine. Would love to have a long arm and rollers.

Gretchen said…
I love double fold bias binding and use it on all my quilts :) Especially stripes and plaids. What a clever way to do crosshatching with painter's tape. I must try that!!
katie said…
Karmen I'm going to be at your mom on the 20th. Wish you were going to be there at the same time.
I'm going to try your tape method on a table runner I am making.